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Dodgers News: Kenta Maeda Signs With L.A.

The chips are finally starting to fall at quite the pace for the Los Angles Dodgers, the latest such being Kenta Maeda signing with the team after a couple visits and weeks of the Dodgers being favorites to land him.

This is one of the rare occasions where the leaks came to fruition, which is why rumors are reported so often. As much as fans might frustrated with how rumors tend to dominate “news”, every so often, the dots connect. Alright, I’m off the soapbox.

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The deal might be a huge one, which is somewhat interesting, but will probably have some kind of opt out for either the player or team.

Jon Heyman broke the news as it was relayed to him:

Specifics still need to surface and a physical is in order, but as of right now, Maeda is the right arm the Dodgers needed in a bad way until Brandon McCarthy comes back from Tommy John surgery somewhere around the All Star break.

The initial report is as follows, but man… Eight years seems pretty long.

Regardless, as we await details all we can say to Maeda is Welcome not just to the Dodgers, Kenta, but to the United States!

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  1. We await the contract terms, but I like this signing. With Kazmir and now Maeda, the Dodgers have a respectable rotation, if not one that strikes fear in the hearts of most hitters. Other teams will still be happier coming into Dodger Stadium without the prospect of back to back dates with Kershaw and Greinke. 

    After the number two spot, however, this probably is a better rotation than last year. Last season it was Anderson and some combo of Bollinger, Frias and Wood after Zack. This year, assuming Kazmir takes the two spot, the Dodgers will have Maeda, Anderson and either Wood or Ryu, with Bolsinger and perhaps Montas as the next line of starters. That’s better depth than last season.

    Wood might also be used in a package with prospects to get a younger starter.

    This underlines the need to further upgrade the bullpen. None of these starters except Kershaw can be expected to pitch much past the fifth or sixth inning.

  2. We stumbled for runs even with Kershaw and Greinke, so are we to exspect more wins with these starters? Unsolved bullpen and we’re  suppose to contend according to front office.

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