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Updates: Dodgers’ Deal With Maeda Close, Not Finalized

Those wondering what might be going on after reports surfaced Thursday regarding the Dodgers’ agreement with Kenta Maeda do so for good reason. The team had a deal in principle to acquire Aroldis Chapman and we know how that went. Same goes for Hisashi Iwakuma.

We’re only a day removed from the reported agreement, but the cuts are still fresh from the aforementioned deals.


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Bill Shaikin of the L.A. Times says no such deal has been completely worked out.

Others around the situation theorized that any contract would be complicated, which is to be suspected with this front office.

Some specifics were lobbed out at the time of the initial reports and had the length of the deal anywhere from five to eight years, which is quite the gap. Given how the front office has worked this offseason, it’s hard to see them tie themselves to a player for that length of time.

There’s also the $20 million posting fee that comes with Maeda. That’s no small sum even considering the Dodgers’ deep pockets.

Again, this isn’t similar to the two situations listed above by any stretch. We’re still early in the process in here and as far as has been reported thus far, no physical has taken place.

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  1. I wish all sports reporters would quit finalizing Dodger deals before the front office does.

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