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Dodgers News: Kershaw Flying to LA for Examinations

After Sunday night’s shaky start, it was reported the next morning that Clayton Kershaw had some discomfort in his lower back. This possibly could have been the reasoning behind his unusually poor start, but there is no knowing for sure. The Dodgers did report that Kershaw received some treatment for the discomfort so all was looking up.

Kershaw has had a history with hip problems but never back problems so even with the treatment fans started to worry everywhere: however, Roberts assured that it was no big deal and Kershaw would make his next start.

Well, our worries were justified Tuesday afternoon when sources such as Alanna Rizzo and DodgerInsider announced that Kershaw was flying back to Los Angeles to get his back examined. Although, it was later confirmed that he was with the team and would be flying to LA on Wednesday instead.

Even with this scary news, Roberts remains hopeful that Kershaw will make his next start! Here is what the skipper had to say.

Our very own Jody Wahl showed exactly how every Dodger fan was feeling when the news broke!

There is nothing to do now but wait. Hopefully this is just soreness like Robert’s continues to suggest and not something more serious.

ICYMI: Kershaw Receiving Treatment for Back Discomfort

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