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Dodgers News: LA Times Holding Open Forum To Discuss SportsNet LA

[new_royalslider id=”41″] The Los Angeles Dodgers are 14 games into the 2014 regular season and Time Warner Cable has yet to strike deals with any other major cable provider, resulting in thousands of fans being unable to watch any Dodger game on SportsNet LA. TWC has agreed to terms with Champion Broadband and Bright House Networks, neither of which is considered a giant in the cable television industry.

Along with not being able to watch Dodger games, fans without SportsNet LA have also missed out on behind the scenes footage, similar to what is seen with the Los Angeles Lakers’ network, Time Warner Cable SportsNet.

According to Chris Erskine of the Los Angeles Times, a rally will be held where fans will be able to voice their opinions on SportsNet LA, among a myriad of other topics:

Among the issues: Is the controversial TV deal, in which 70% of the market cannot view the team’s games on TV, the Dodgers’ fault, or that of Time Warner Cable? What is baseball Commissioner Bud Selig’s role in a business confrontation like this? And how are Dodgers fans feeling toward the new ownership, which up until now had done many positive things for the city and the franchise.

The event will begin at 6 p.m. on Wednesday and is being held at the Short Stop bar, which is located at 1455 W. Sunset in Echo Park.
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  1. Ridiculous cost is why NONE of the cable/Dish operators are willing to agree to TWC. Ironically we as Dodger fans will always be here (currently waiting), whereas cable providers et al seem to always be changing, and unfortunately it always seems to be a “Money Grab” where we the fans are made to suffer! WORK THIS OUT ALREADY!!

    1. Since we don’t know the Terms of the deal it is ignorant to say that it is because of a high cost. That is not how broadcast agreements work. Instead of speculating into a one-time deal look at the History of Directv. Directv caused the same issue during the Lakers Sportsnet deal and made it seem like it was the Lakers, the NBA, everything but themselves.

      Directv is only out to make money for Directv by providing programming with it’s own commericals and commecrial time slots. They want their Cake ( the Dodgers Fans base) and to be able to eat it too (make extra cash from subscribers and sell time-slots for commericals that Directv profits from. Think about it. Why would the Dodgers try to hurt the fans? They wouldn’t, directv on the other hand doesn’t care about fans. They would make consessions for you as subscribers if they did, but they aren’t. When you call to complain all they say is tough, watch another team.

  2. directv don’t have the Dodgers also .what can We do get them back?i think that it is an outrage that in 2014 We have to listen to the Dodgers on the Radio. I always thought with all the so called technology that listening to the Radio was a thing of past.without Television.thank You for Your time any thoughts would be great Kenneth E Massey

  3. We work and live part time in the mountains so the only means of TV is Satellite which does not include TWC. This is very unfair that Direct TV can not show Dodger games. I have been a life Long Fan. We try to attend as many games in person but because of our busy part of youth camp is in the summer we can not always get to Dodger Stadium. We enjoy watch the games on TV and keeping up with the team and going to see them play in person when we can. If we can not see them play on TV then we will not support the Dodgers by spending our hard earned money to go see them!!

  4. Pathetic ! How could ownership not see this coming? Putting all your eggs in one basket is something that these billionaires should know by now. I have direct TV and a nice 70″ TV that is useless when the Dodgers are playing. It pisses me off that direct won’t pay the costs considering they already blew it by getting outbid by TW. Step up or I’m out!

  5. This twc deal is getting out of control. mlb at bat is advertising all the game from every baseball game. I purcharsed the package but because I live in the LA arear, I am being blackout so I can’t watch THE DODGER games.I mean really!

  6. The fault in regards to 70% of the television watching fan base in the LA area not being able to see the televised Dodger games belongs to the Dodgers. Time Warner is in the business to make money and they are within their rights to demand what the market will bear. The Dodgers are the ones who have locked out their fans from viewing the games. Not sure how effective a television network is when 70% of the people they are targeting as audience cannot see or hear them.

  7. The deal stinks, old people who used to watch on KCAL are shut out, and even those with funds are unable to get it if they are not on TW, I sure am not getting rid of Directv to get the crappy hdtv un-quality of TW.
    I am lucky that I was able to put a sling box on a TW box and am able to watch the games using sling player, I can watch on iPhone, or iPad and even on HDTVs equipped with Apple TV or ROKU.

    But most people are screwed.

  8. Been a avid Dodger fan since way before they moved to L.A. and it sickens me to lose any possibility of watching the Dodger games on TV this season due to a greedy bunch of people who wanted to lock it up with the highest bidder.

    So my Dodger allegiance dies here, and will be given to the Angels, and whatever teams happen to be playing on the MLB Channel. Magic Johnson and his crew can KMA……….

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