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Dodgers News: Los Angeles Adds Zach McKinstry and Ryan Meisinger to Expanded Roster

The Dodgers are making a few moves ahead of the final game of their series against the Braves. With the rosters expanding to 28 guys starting on September 1st, they had the ability to add 2 more names to their active roster. They did just that today. 

Both Zach McKinstry and Ryan Meisinger were added to the Dodgers active roster today. Meisinger was one of the 2 players claimed via waivers yesterday before the month of August was up. That footnote is important because it makes him postseason eligible should Los Angels need him. 

McKinstry was optioned back to Triple-A on August 15th after a disappointing return from the injured list. While he hit VERY well for the Dodgers before an oblique injury, McKinstry never found his groove in his return. He slashed .111/.149/.289 in the month of July and never got the chance to stick around. 

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But in his Triple-A experience, he seemed to find something. The average wasn’t quite there but the reports from OKC were that he seemed to be seeing the ball better. That was reflected in his ability to drive the ball for power while there. 

Meisinger likely won’t play much of a role down the stretch, but he will give guys in the bullpen rest. Getting October relievers rest in September could have huge implications for a successful playoff run. 

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    1. yeah but where do you play him? and when. the 1-8 are all here, and a straight trade of his spot for belli is not gonna happen, especially because Belli’s glove and legs is superior to Beatty. McKinstry is hitting the ball hard again, so there is something there to explore over the next 4 weeks

  1. Call up Beaty. Send down Belli. Belli’s glove and legs are overrated. He only has 2 stolen bases and 4 outfield assists. AJ Polluck has 9 stolen bases and 8 assists. He is also a former Gold Glover. Chris Taylor can play centerfield, or even Trey Turner.

    1. You can justifiably beat up Belli for his offense this year but to suggest his defense or speed is overrated is over the top. Anyone who watches him play knows he is – and deservedly so – a gold glove defender. Moreover, might his stolen bases be down because of the time he missed and how seldom he’s base?
      When he starts next season healthy and prepared and hits 260 (his career average which is about right for him) with 30 HRs for the year all this nonsense will end.
      I remember well the yells in ’18 that Pollock was the worst FA signing ever, in ’19 that Seager should be traded for Lindor, and in ’20 that the team should move on from JT. This is just more of the same.

  2. Do you have any idea who the Dodger player to be
    named later in the Kansas City trade of Duffy to the
    Dodgers might be? I hope it’s Matt Beaty. He
    deserves to play regularly, and Roberts won’t do that.

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