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Dodgers News: Los Angeles Selects the Contract of Steven Souza Jr

The Dodgers are making some moves ahead of the second game of their series against the Cardinals. With left-handed pitcher J.A Happ on the mound for St Louis, the expectation was that they would be adding in a right-handed option. 

They did just that by adding Steven Souza Jr to the roster ahead of the game. The Dodgers designated him for assignment earlier in the season, but Souza is back up with the big league squad again. 

His presence was mostly made necessary by the loss of AJ Pollock. Him hitting the injured list following the series against the Giants meant that the Dodgers were a little short on right-handed bats in th outfield. Souza adds to that and has been decent at the Triple-A level. 

In order to make room on the active roster for Souza, the Dodgers optioned utilityman Zach McKinstry back to Triple-A again. McKinstry has struggled since his return from an oblique issue earlier this year and has yet to find his footing again. 

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To make room on the 40-man roster for Souza, the Dodgers also had to make a move. They transferred LHP Garrett Cleavinger to the 60-day injured list with a right oblique strain. Cleavinger originally hit the IL back in early August and his season is not very much in jeopardy. 

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  1. Brilliant!

    I see the pattern now….

    If you are hitting over .200 this year in a Dodger uniform, you will be optioned and exiled to TA.

    If you are hitting below .200 this year in a Dodger uniform, you are a potential savior off the bench.

    WTF is going on?

    1. The move to at least bring Souza Jr. back is because of the team not wanting to keep Bellinger in their against LHP. Cody is lost even against RHP so something had to be done. Is Steven Souza Jr. a real answer? No, but he can’t possibly be any worse than Bellinger is right about now. And as the Dodgers stated, they need another RHB for the OF to fill in for Pollock. Maybe Souza Jr. won’t be an answer, but expecting anything from Bellinger IS NOT THE ANSWER either.

      1. Wouldn’t it be funny if both Belly and Souza were in the lineup at the same time with a LH on the mound????? Could never happen you say???? I have seen the SL for tonight, hence my humor.


    1. Sorry, but Bellinger is still batting 8th. Souza 7th. Two .160 hitters in a row. Turner played CF his first year in the majors.

  2. Huge mistake. Should’ve call up Beaty and optioned Bellinger. Roberts is killing this team. SMH.

    1. Let’s not mention “Dodger Depth” if Souza is the best call up we have in the middle of a pennant race.

  3. Anybody remember 25-year old prospect DJ Peters who Dodgers WAIVED at the trade deadline? He was a RH bat, fast, good defensive outfielder. Certainly a better option than Souza, or Bellinger for that matter.

  4. This is when the Dodgers miss the services of super-utility switch-hitter, Kiké Hernandez—who can play infield and outfield. Mistake to let him go.

  5. why did AJ have to go and pull that bone-head maneuver? ok well hopefully 1-7 will do enough damage and we keep winning.

  6. Why is beatie, who is hitting over.260 with LA and .400 at AAA still in the minors while we have to watch Bellinger and McKinney strikeout with runners on base and kill rally after rally
    and BTW , Peters who was with the club earlier is doing well with the Texas rangers

  7. A huge pity for Beaty, who grinded his butt off after coming back from OKC. Huge improvement displayed but…it’s obvious that Roberts did not like the Georgia Tater. I hope that Atlanta picks him up or any other team that will give him a starting spot. No use even trying to figure any logic to the Dodger Braintrust, as they are jaded and Roberts is just a cheerleader who loves to slap/ass. That’s why he prefers the HRs to getting guys on base and working the opposing team’s pitchers.
    Bringing Souza back is another joke as he didn’t seem to have it when there was no pressure. Bellinger will take this team down as he has Roberts ok to do it. Hasta la Vista Los Dodgers..Hey!

  8. Please get rid of roberts before he blow the game leave belli alone he made him change things let him look at last years pictures and see what is wrong drop down bat go to a lighter bat bring down
    Bat he is late he trying to kill the ball goes for the hits roberts just sit there he make the put a lot of runs on and then he think he will get runs to catch up
    If the picture can not get ball over after 2 runs you must pull him you have other picture to do this what are you saving for to sit home when you blew everything please get him out of there

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