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Dodgers: Max Scherzer Credits LA’s Offense for His Win Streak

The goal in trading for Max Scherzer was to add an arm to pair with Clayton Kershaw, Walker Buehler, and Julio Urías. However, in doing so, the Dodgers have received yet another Cy Young candidate for this season. While Buehler has worked to make himself the frontrunner, Scherzer is making his own case with 7 straight wins since crossing the country.

He’s made 7 starts since arriving in Los Angeles and the team has won all 7 of those starts. When asked about how it felt to contribute at such a high level, Scherzer gave a pretty humble answer. 

“That’s what, coming over here, my job is to do. To go out there when it’s my turn and go out there and win. There’s a ton of pressure to do that. You got to compartmentalize it,  go out there and accept it and go out there and give it your best every single time. Understand what makes you successful and how to avoid big innings.”

His job has been made a whole lot easier during the transition as the Dodgers have given him plenty of run support to work with in his starts. In his 7 starts, the offense has scored 22 runs within the first 3 innings to help set the tone and allow Scherzer to settle in. 

“This team is great. Every time I’ve gone out there they’ve done a great job of providing run support and run support early. Being on a team that gets you early run support allows you to get into your game plan and rhythm a lot quicker.”

Scherzer has been able to get in that rhythm pretty easily and it shows. He’s 5-0 with a 1.05 ERA, 63 strikeouts, and 5 walks in 43 innings pitched. While he mentioned he doesn’t care about his personal record, he does care about the team record. Being 7-0 in his starts has to make him happy as well as Dodger fans really happy when they see him take the mound.

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  1. Yep Max I would guess is neck and neck with Walker for the Cy Young at this point. Like Verlander in 18, he has had a fire lit under him going to a contender from an also ran. We are truly blessed to have him. He fires up the rest of the guys as well.

  2. Re-sign him with the money that was going to go to Bauer. That money is already baked into the budget…

    1. Totally agree 68, we’re hoping we never see Bauer in a Dodger uniform again ! Max is a no brainer, give him 2 option for 3 probably what $40 to 45 per ! Dodgers almost have to have him to win it all or at least stay competitive he’s that good !

  3. Just a outstanding move by Friedman….Think how far back we’d be if he hadn’t picked up Max and Trea…….Jansen and few others come off the books, as well as Bauer so Sign Both. Seager will most likely go home back east with monstrous “Thank You Scott boras”” !!!!!!! money……

  4. I would trade Nellinger and keep turner and Seager, it provides top leadoff hitters, if our stupid as manager would put them one, two. Those guys on bade in front of Turner, Muncy, Seager, Smith. You don’t have to platoon any of those 6.

    If Bellinger doesn’t make drastic changes to his approach, he will be another Guy Charbeneau.

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