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Dodgers News: Mattingly Updates Crawford, Ethier, Hanley Injuries

Before Monday’s series opener against the Diamondbacks, Dodgers manager Don Mattingly was busy updating the status of seemingly every outfielder on the roster.

Everyone was able to breath a sigh of relief as Yasiel Puig was back in the lineup a day after sitting out with a sore hip. However, Andre Ethier, Carl Crawford and Hanley Ramirez are all dealing with various injuries that kept them out of the lineup.

Talking to Dylan Hernandez of the LA Times, Mattingly updated the status of Ethier as it sounds like he’s the furthest away from returning:

Ethier irritated an ankle that was originally injured in a previous series against the Rockies, but maintains that it isn’t serious. Filling in for Matt Kemp, Ethier has put together an impressive season as he’s held his own in center field and also seen his hitting improve over the course of the season.

Meanwhile, Crawford was taken out of the Dodgers 19-3 loss and didn’t start yesterday as he deals with a back injury and Mattingly updated his status:

This is Crawford’s second injury of the season as it would make sense he was dealing with something as he’s only hitting .233 in September and has shifted between the lead off spot and second in the lineup.

Lastly, Hanley Ramirez has been out since Thursday with an irritated nerve in his back that is causing hamstring tightness, but he sounds like he’s the closest to coming back according to Eric Stephen of

It’ll be interesting how Hanley’s back/hamstring responds after he works out before the game tonight as it’d be beneficial to have him play in a few games before the playoffs start.

At the moment, none of the injuries to Crawford, Ethier or Hanley will threaten their status for the playoffs as the Dodgers look to clinch the NL West to start the week.


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