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Dodgers News: Max Muncy Exits Sunday’s Game Early with an Injury

Not at all what you want to see on a game 162… or any time really. In the third inning of Sunday’s regular season finale against the Brewers, the Dodgers lost first baseman Max Muncy to an injury. At first glance, the injury appeared to be to his left wrist.

Muncy hit the ground in obvious pain after getting run into by Milwaukee’s Jace Peterson on a bang bang play at the bag. Peterson was ruled out on interference after his questionable angle to the bag forced the collision. Max was replaced at first base by Albert Pujols.

There’s no word on the exact nature of the injury, but the All-Star walked off the field holding his left wrist.


The team reports it was an elbow injury for Muncy.

Understandably, this is a massive blow for the Dodgers with the postseason starting this week. Moreover, with the division crown still on the line and a potential game 163 lurking, losing any firepower in this potent LA offense will hurt.

Prayers up for Max and we’re holding out hope for a best case scenario as more details emerge.

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    1. Peterson ran inside the baseline from the time he left the batters box, had he run inside the line as required by the rule the collision more than likely would not have happened, at least not as sever as it was. Granted the throw was offline but call was still correct, it was interference. Runners out as is Muncy. If the Dodgers play the Brewers again this season, Peterson might wear a fast ball to the ribs. You may not get a chance to get even, but you never forget.

  1. I call it a deliberate hit-to-injury, to Muncy. The hit was a softie but the runner, (Peterson), was running faster than he needed to.

  2. Peterson was running inside of the running lane. That’s where the interference was deemed to have occurred. MLB players do it all the time & it is often overlooked. Smith’s throw probably still would have hit him in the back even if he had run another foot to his right, up the lane, however.

  3. I haven’t heard any updates on Muncy. Hopefully he just tweaked his arm, and didn’t really injure it seriously. If so, two off days before the WC would help. Otherwise I would put Pujols at first, or maybe even Beaty who is definitely hot with the bat right now after finally getting a chance to play.

    1. If you run the play in slow motion, his elbow was bent out of it’s socket and then it popped back in. I suspect some sort of ligament damage which may require surgery to repair. I pray that I’m wrong, as those MLB analysts, some of whom predicted us to win it all, after Max went down now picked the Vigiants over us in the playoffs, while others have picked the Rays to win it all.

      1. I have run it in slow motion and there is no clear indication that his elbow was bent “out of it’s socket”. For sure it was bent in an unnatural way and it looked severe and scary. It could be strained ligaments or it could be much worse. If ligament strain then 2 to 3 weeks out, anything else and he likely misses the entire post season. Looking at the video I would guess he is out for the remainder.

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