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Dodgers: Dave Roberts Confirms Potential Game 163 Starter, Possible Wild Card Starter Unclear

Game 162, the last game of the 2021 season. Or is it? With only 1 game separating the Dodgers and Giants in the NL West, there is a possibility that the two ball clubs could end in a tie for the division with a Giants loss and a Dodgers win. Both teams play at the same time today, as does everyone, so all the will matter in the moment is their own games. 

In the case that a tie does happen, Los Angeles and Sa Francisco will play a game 163, which last happened in the NL West in 2018 between the Rockies and Dodgers. Since the Giants won the season series, they will get to host the Dodgers for the extra game. Dave Roberts already revealed his go to starter in such a scenario.

“If theres’s a 163, we’ll start Max (Scherzer) and we’ll play to win the game. Everyone will be available.”

It’s a no brainer that he should go with the man who has dominated since arriving in Los Angeles, aside from his last two starts. Max Scherzer knows how to pitch in big games and has the intensity to carry the team to victory. However, he may not need to as Roberts will throw all his chips in to ensure that the team can defend their throne and escape playing in the Wild Card game.

Of course, there are always what-if scenarios. If the Dodgers for some reason end up losing the game and are sent to the Wild Card game, who will take the mound is up in the air. 

“Yeah I just don’t see any other way to look at it. Walker’s going today and if there is a 163, Max will pitch and we expect to win. We’ll go from there.”

Roberts could turn to the team’s 20-game winner in Julio Urías, which seems likely, or it could be another all hands on deck situation with a bullpen game. Notably, Urías would be throwing on short rest, but recently said he’s ready to do whatever is needed of him this October.

Pitching is what has kept this team in the hunt this season, so the hope is they could continue to do so into the playoffs. 

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  1. There will be no game 163 with Giants because the Padres, as gutless as they are decided that they much would rather lose to the Giants than to have Dodgers force a game 163 with a chance to yet win the division. Padres are gracefully rolling over today as Giants are winning by at least a 9 to 1 score. Pitiful. I just hope someone knocks Giants out in Ictober.

  2. Well Max is.definately the Man. And with a win there, we will be set up with good rest for Julio and Walker for the division series. We need to take care of business with the Cardinals. They have been really hot and nothing should be taken for granted. Wainright is the ultimate junk ball pitcher right now.So our scouting report better be spot on.

  3. When it became impossible for me to believe otherwise, I had to concede that the Giants won the Division and the Padres completely rolled over during the process. Still, our Dodgers did what needed to be done and they swept the Brewers. Winning 106 games this season is absolutely amazing; the Giants just won 1 more. We have the momentum, although losing Muncy hurts, and we can win this Wild Card game. It is now my hope that the Dodgers, with Max on the mound, will win the Wild Card and ultimately face the Giants. But I agree, our Dodgers cannot take anything for granted in this “one and done” against the Cards.

    1. B McP the Padres were not the least bit interested in competing today. It’s almost as if they wanted to roll over so Dodgers would have to play in that wild card game . It’s been a good year considering Dodgers did win 106 games. But the mishaps, such as they were this year finds Dodgers facing the Cards in a do or die game on Wednesday.

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