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Dodgers News: Max Muncy Reinstated From the Paternity List

The Dodgers have a very big week ahead of them. With the trade deadline looming and the Giants series in San Francisco, the NL West could look much different by this weekend. And for Los Angeles, that could be a good thing. 

The good news is that the Dodgers will be getting one of their best bats back this week. Max Muncy has been away from the team on paternity leave while his wife Kellie gave birth to their firstborn. The Muncy’s welcomed baby Sophie into the world on Friday night. 

Today, the Dodgers reinstated Muncy from the paternity list. He will join up with the team as they head up north to take on the Giants for 3 games. The timing could not be better given Muncy’s ownership over the NL West rivals in 2021. He has homered 8 times in 13 games against the Giants and driven in 10 runs. 

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In order to make room for Muncy on the active roster, the Dodgers optioned infielder Sheldon Neuse back to Triple-A. Neuse joined up with the team to help fill out the roster this week with Muncy gone and a few guys down with injuries. 

The Dodgers are chasing the Giants by just 2 games in the NL West with 3 games scheduled against them this week. 

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  1. All call up players are Not ready for MLB level except J Gray pitcher. Trade them for a starter pitcher

  2. We won the last two games by scoring a grand total of 4 runs. We have never needed Max Muncy more than now. Hope we can get Betts back soon, so we won’t have to call on nearly perfect pitching performances to win games on a regular basis Seager just keeps getting pushed back. He’s been out a long time. Long enough that I really doubt he would reinjure himself. Get him back in the game. He can do as well as the rookies with his eyes closed. Let’s get the real Dodger team back on the field to play the Giants.

  3. I know it’s the thing to do now-days, but did Muncy really need to take as much time as he did? We are in a very tight race in the NL West and have a load of injuries. He is needed.

    1. Wow! Nobody can be a bigger Dodger fan than myself (since 1954) and I am as competitive as they come. I recently retired after 37 years of college basketball officiating but one lesson I have learned, often the hard way, is the value of family. I’m 77 years old with only one daughter. In those days, dads were not allowed in the delivery room but I was just one room away. I didn’t know then she would be my only child but I would be very sad today to have missed the experience. As much as I wanted to see Muncy at the plate over the past few days, i realize how selfish my wish really was to deny him the chance to be there as his precious daughter came into the world. That moment will live in his memory far beyond the AT BATS over these few days. I’m just an old man but I do have that single moment when my daughter arrived. If you are a young man who has not experienced that moment yet, I suspect you will understand this special experience when your time comes. He’s back tonight so we can rejoice in that! GO DODGERS! Beat those frigging Giants.

    2. Got to hear the whole story, Bob. According to Alanna Rizzo, Kelley (Muncy’s wife) induced her delivery so Max could get back to the Dodgers in time for the Giants series. Talking about taking one for the team! Congratulations to both of them!

      1. Absolutely, thank you Kellie and congratulations to you and Max on the birth of your precious baby girl!

  4. Somebody has to pay the bills. I am certain he wants to get back to work. I am certain he is happy but taking care of the wife and daughter are very hard. Nanny please.

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