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Dodgers News: Miguel Rojas Excited to Play Behind Clayton Kershaw Again

Playing with a future Hall of Fame pitcher is a luxury for any baseball player. Miguel Rojas played with Clayton Kershaw the Dodgers during the 2014 season and now gets a second chance to pair up with the hurler.

The roster still comprised is enough to make anyone excited, especially playing in a city like Los Angeles. Mookie Betts and Freddie Freeman are still ready to lead the way, but it’s easy to see Kershaw is truly the face of the franchise.

The years are slowly coming to an end and when he finally hangs up his cleats there’s no doubt everyone will never forget his greatness. Rojas gets a chance to pair up with old faces but also fellow All-Stars and potential future Hall of Famers (via iHeartRadio).

“Coming to a clubhouse with a lot of guys who have experienced going to the World Series like Mookie (Betts), all the guys in the Dodgers organization that won in 2020 plus Freddie Freeman. I mean, I played with Freddie really close to him throughout my career here in the National League. And then J.D. Martinez, I hit with him in the offseason.”

Even with the talent he has yet to play with, it’s clear he seems most excited to play with Kershaw once again.

“I know a lot of guys even before I got there. I just texted Clayton Kershaw and I told him, ‘it’s time for me to play behind you again.’ And that’s one of the things I enjoyed the most throughout my entire career.”

Rojas looks like he will fit right into the ball club. The hope is for the talent to translate into wins in a season many fans aren’t quite sure about yet.

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  1. Dodgers should have signed Jose Iglesias and kept Amaya to use in another trade. I am not as impressed with Friedman as all the pundits and fans. He is overrated. Totally screwed the pooch with Bauer.

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