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Dodgers News: Mitch Williams Discusses Yasiel Puig’s Celebrations

Through five games of the NLCS, there’s been just as much discussion about the baseball being played on the field as there’s been about the Dodgers’ celebrations.

Adrian Gonzalez started the discussion after a double in the fourth inning of Game 3 and Yasiel Puig continued it when he hit a triple in the same inning and raised both hands in the air, breaking out of an 0-11 slump. On the Dan Patrick Show, MLB Network analyst Mitch Williams talked about all the celebration talk:

That to me that was unnecessary (Mickey Mouse ears). The thing that jumped out to me this series is and I have no problem with a guy who hits a home run that glances at it. The other night at Puig, the guy is 0-11 in the series hits a ball like he thinks is a walk off home run, throws both hands in the air and the ball doesn’t go out of the park. I love that A-Gon hits a double, gets to second claps his hands, I don’t have a problem with that.

Williams went on to say during the interview that if he faced Puig the next time up, he would’ve been on his backside and Lance Lynn brushed him back yesterday afternoon.

After Game 3, Adam Wainwright took offense to Gonzalez’s antics, calling it “Mickey Mouse” stuff, while Carlos Beltran seemed upset that Puig made such a big deal about hitting a triple.

Meanwhile, Gonzalez took things a step further yesterday afternoon as he flipped he bat emphatically and as he made his way back to the dugout in the third inning, he flashed “Mickey Mouse” ears. Coming into the series, there was a lot of talk about how flashy the Dodgers were and that the Cardinals played the game “the right way”.

For some reason, the way the Dodgers play the game or anything they say gets attention as it’s clear there’s a clash between the way the Dodgers celebrate and the Cardinals playing the game “the right way”.


In case you missed it, here’s the “Mickey Mouse” celebration A-Gon flashed in the third inning yesterday

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