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Dodgers News: MLB Network Has Major Praise For Kershaw

MLB Network has given the Los Angeles Dodgers’ ace Clayton Kershaw major recognition. Without a doubt, there are some tremendous pitchers in the game right now. Equally important – Chris Russo and Brian Kenny feel that Kershaw has been the best starting pitcher over the last ten years.

Skip to the one-minute mark in this video to see the rankings. You will see some dominant names including Justin Verlander, Max Scherzer, and Chris Sale. However, no one has been as productive as Kershaw over the course of a decade.

In case you’re wondering, write down the number 60.6. That is the number of Wins Above Replacement that Clayton Kershaw has been worth over the last decade. It’s more than any other pitcher on this list, slightly ahead of Verlander at 54. We could tell you about Kershaw’s 153 wins, or his incredible 2.39 ERA within that timespan.

However, to break it down to one whole number is to see it concrete. Indeed, Kershaw is the best pitcher in baseball over the past ten years.

Interestingly, Russo and Kenny debate quite a bit within this video. Moreover, they don’t really take the time to pick apart or debate Kershaw being the top dog at the position.

It’s just two talking heads’ list at the end of the day on the league’s network. But it’s nice to see that Kershaw is the undisputed number one over that timespan.

Think back to what you were doing in 2009. Now, tell yourself that Clayton Kershaw was the best in the game then. Think about what you’re up to in life now. Kershaw is still the game’s best by measurable standards – even with guys gaining on him.

It’s been a charmed life to watch the man bend a baseball over the plate for ten years. This is why he will be an inner circle Hall of Fame player.

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  1. Show a montage of his choke job relief appearance in 2009 against the Phillies, his meltdown in an elimination game in 2013 against STL, his 2 embarrassing choke jobs in the 2014 nlds that single handedly lost the series, he basically spotted the cubs 5 runs in the elimination game 6 of the 2016 nlcs taking the team right out of the game early it was like he wasn’t even there, he blew two leads in a huge World Series Game in Houston leading to a disastrous 13-12 showdown LOSS, and of course his 2 terrible starts in the 2018 World Series an all important first game of the series and of course the elimination game at home fittingly

    1. If all you want to do is bag on Kershaw because his playoff record is a mixed bag of results have at it fellas. But last I looked he pitches during the season too. Among the 10 Dodgers with 300 starts, Kershaw has the fewest walks (517) in his first 300 starts and the most strikeouts. His 2.38 ERA is the lowest and Kershaw has the fewest losses (68), and his 145 wins ranks only behind Hall of Famers Dazzy Vance (169) and Koufax (150).

      1. But I guess those numbers mean nothing when you consider the Dodgers have nothing but lousy pitchers to compare him to………people like Koufax, Vance, Newcombe, Drysdale, Sutton, Hershiser, Valenzuela, John, Messersmith, Reuss, Welch……………..

        1. None of that is worth anything (except for his own selfish career) if you can’t do it when it’s needed most. I don’t know about you but I watch baseball to see championships not watch some one else have a career, that’s great for them but does nothing for the fans. Regular season is fun and all but at some point as a fan you want something more. I’ve seen plenty of good regular seasons it’s boring now, I’ve never seen a postseason end in a title with my team that’s the next step, it could’ve been done many times over already teams with far less have done it

          1. Ebenezer serioulsy……….The Dodgers would not have even been in the playoffs all these years if it was not for Kershaw’s dominance in his starts during his regular season career as a Dodger. So for you say “None of that is worth anything………” that opine makes no sense.

          2. Kershaw is a guy who started and funded an orphanage in Lusaka, Zambia for children in Africa who had nothing, he did it out of his wealth and stardom reach when he did not have to. This is a guy who’s charitable organization, founded with his wife, has raised millions for the poor in Zambia, the Dominican Republic, Dallas and Los Angeles. So your comment in response to me that included “…….except for his own selfish career………”, that comment makes you sound hollow and clueless.

    2. It happens. As someone who hurt during all those – do we even get to that spot without him? We do not. He’s been good in some big spots as well.

  2. Well, I must be honest, as you posted, when it counted the most Kershaw did not or could not rise to the occasion and a huge reason for that? He, like other Dodger pitchers on this staff have and have had trouble keeping the baseball in the yard!

    1. A most timely comment, Paul. And with CK’s stats declining the past few years, and injuries increasing, we need to think about the possible addition of another pitcher of quality. A deal for Kluber seems to have gone by the wayside. I think Keuchel may still be available!!!! The injury bug hit us big time in 2018!!!!! Kersh, Ryu, Hill, Ferris and others spent time on the disabled list. We need to combat what I feel might be diminished run production with top-of-the-line pitching. Go Blue!!

      1. The problem with Keuchel is, is he really any better than Kershaw, Hill, Ryu, Bueller, Urias or Maeda. In the last three years Keuchel’s era’s are 3.74, 2.90, 4.55
        Maeda – 3.81, 4.22, 3.48
        Ryu – 1.97, 3.77, 3.38 (only pitched in one game in 2016 so I’m leaving that out)
        Hill – 3.66, 3.32, 2.12

        In all fairness, Keuchel has pitched a lot more innings than those three. But, since we have 7 starting pitchers including Stripling (All Star Last Year), I find it hard to think that Keuchel is the answer or an improvement in the post-season once you have to trim down to 4 pitchers. And that 4th pitcher hardly pitches anyway. It’s hard to forget that Urias is still very young (age 22 season) as was considered a phenom not long ago. Keuchel didn’t even pitch in the big leagues until he was 24. The post season rotation should be Kershaw, Bueller, Urias and Hill or Ryu. IMO, Keuchel isn’t necessarily better than any of them.

  3. Kershaw’s horrible post-season record is a big stain on his career. Some of that is a matter of circumstance. I remember him dominating a game, then falling apart completely at the end. Was it the Santa Ana winds zapping his energy, suddenly, or was it the lack of a bullpen forcing Mattingly to keep him in too long. I also remember on multiple occasions of shelled right from the beginning of the game, like against the Cardinals. I couldn’t believe my eyes. It’s unfortunate to be a guy with such unbelievable regular seasons being so inconsistent in the post season. Yes, he had some good games, but he has never been an unstoppable force like others before him. Forget about the “wouldn’t be there without him” narrative. It’s unacceptable to melt down like he has in just about every single post season that he’s been in. It’s a very sad story.

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