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Dodgers News: Ned Colletti Was Leery Of Making A Trade

[new_royalslider id=”97″] With the July 31 trade deadline in the rear view mirror, many teams made moves to improve for the future or to gear up for a postseason run. However, the Los Angeles Dodgers did not.

This came as a surprise to many considering the enticing players the Dodgers have to offer and general manager Ned Colletti’s history of being active in July.

In an interview on AM 570 Fox Sports LA’s Petros and Money Show, Colletti expanded on why the Dodgers were quiet at deadline:

I went into it knowing that it was going to be a very limited group of guys that we were looking at. It proved to be an even more limited group of guys that we were looking at. But you know what, I think we’ve got a real good club and I think if we can continue to play with a healthy team and a passionate team, we’ll be fine.”

Players the Dodgers were most linked to included David Price, Jon Lester and Cole Hamels. However, in order to acquire one of the pitchers, the Dodgers would’ve had to let go one or more of top minor league propects Joc Pederson, Corey Seager or Julio Urias.

Colletti explained why the Dodgers repeatedly told teams they were unwilling to part ways with any of these young talents:

We’re typically not adverse to moving prospects. These three I think are a cut above almost everybody since the Kemp, Russell Martin, James Loney, Billingsley group. These are in that upper-echelon of ability.”

With Josh Beckett’s health in question and Dan Haren’s shaky performance of late, many thought the Dodgers would go after a top-tier pitcher to boost the starting rotation.

However, Colletti was content with keeping the team intact:

If we’re going to make a change in that rotation, we got to be really sure that whoever we’re going to get is going to be better than who we have. Making a trade doesn’t guarantee you’re getting to the World Series.”

The decision to not acquire a pitcher was magnified tenfold in the Dodgers’ loss on Friday. Haren couldn’t get out of the fifth inning and Paul Maholm suffered a torn ACL.

The Dodgers now have until Aug. 31 to acquire a player via waivers trade or they can remain as is or call on a pitcher in their farm system.
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  1. And Colleti is the reason why the dodgers have been unable to get to the world series. His game plan is based on ifs and the ifs are not looking good. I think that the pepper move now is to remove Colleti.

  2. Coletti: “If we’re going to make a change in our rotation, we got to make sure anyone we get is going to be better than who we already have.” Sooooo… are you saying Price or Lester is NOT better than Haren or Beckett?? Or they ARE… but just not better enough to part with any of your “Big 3” prospects? I would disagree on both counts. Sure, there is no guarantee trading for Lester or Price or Hamels guarantees a World Series title … but it sure makes your chances a whole lot better. Your prospects may not be ready to help the big club for years to come … and by then, the team may not be as good, overall, as they are now.

  3. Colletti knows he is blowing smoke about his lack of wanting to trade prospects. First of all, you don’t spend 200 million in salary and begin to focus on holding onto all 3 top prospects. Detroit basically gave away a young CF and a prospect for Price and convinced another team to send another OF. We have too many OFs. Dodger prospects are notoriously over hyped and don’t always compare well. Pedersen is not comparable to David Price who also is fairly young and he is proven. Pedersen may be 3 years away when this whole team would have changed. Bottom line is that you win now and do all you can to do that now. Collettis approach is the reason why we haven’t won since 1988.

  4. I agree colleti is full of crab you want to win right now and not in 5 or not in 20 more years we need a nother starting pitcher if wi want to go to the world series and another hitting catcher with this line up theres nk way we are going to the world series so please mr colleti open up your big ugly chinese eyes…

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