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Dodgers News: Puig, Trayce Hosting Family Style Barbecue

You have to love the ongoing camaraderie that is slowly starting to build within the Los Angeles Dodgers clubhouse. No word on if all of that is due to the arrival of new manager Dave Roberts or not, but he should get plenty of credit. Today, they’re finding a new way to all bond together as a unit.

That method? A family style barbecue event that will be catered by Carl Crawford’s family. The Crawford family apparently owns a restaurant in Houston, and that restaurant is going to be supplying all the delicious food for the event. Oh but that’s not all. Wait until you see who the chefs are.

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From Peter Gammons, famous MLB reporter:

Yes, you’re reading that correctly. Yasiel Puig and Trayce Thompson will be the chefs today! How hilarious would it be to go into your favorite restaurant only to get served by Puig and/or Thompson? It’d be amazing. They’d actually make the experience that much more incredible.

Hopefully someone snaps a picture of Puig in an apron and hairnet. We need that photographical evidence in our lives because very few things even achieve the level of hilarity that that one picture would encapsulate. It’s not every single day that you get to see a superstar serve food in an apron and hairnet.

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  1. It’s good to see players trying to bridge that language and culture devide.. That is great for team chemistry. Teammates really caring for each other takes them to special places. Those fingers coming together as a fist makes for a powerful  punch.

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