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Dodgers News: Roberts Is ‘Optimistic’ About Seager

When the Corey Seager news came out about a week ago that he could be missing Opening Day, the entire Los Angeles Dodgers fanbase immediately thought the worst. As more information has made its way public, though, it does appear that Seager will be able to give it a go when that day rolls around.

Of course, all you have to do is listen to new manager Dave Roberts about all of this. The first-year skipper stated that he is “pretty optimistic” that Seager will be available and ready by Opening Day, which should ease the mental strain that some of the fanbase happens to be feeling at this moment.

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From Joey Kaufman, staff writer at the Orange County Register:

Roberts said he remains “pretty optimistic” that shortstop and top prospect Cory Seager will be healthy by opening day. Seager was diagnosed with a mild knee sprain last week, but the swelling is down. He has been doing some light throwing as well. “He’s a little bit more active,” [manager Dave] Roberts said.

As is noted, Seager does have a mild knee sprain, but the swelling is definitely not as bad as it could have been at this juncture. He’s already back to throwing and, as Roberts puts it, he is “a little bit more active.” All of this is good news for everyone involved. The team definitely needs him.

It’s never good when you hear that the top prospect in baseball, and someone that you’re pinning your future on, winds up getting injured early in camp and it could put the beginning of the season in jeopardy for him. However, with Seager, it does appear that the team and him will be coming out of this incident just fine.

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