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Dodgers News: Scout Believes Miguel Vargas Can Play Third Base in MLB

Among the positions of need for the 2023 season, Justin Turner still not being certain of a return to the Dodgers provides a new need a third base and perhaps Miguel Vargas can be the one to fill the void.

Vargas appeared in 18 games for the Dodgers making his appearance at first base. With his familiarity infield this may be someone the team can turn to before looking at bigger name options.

HIs abilities playing in Oklahoma City provided the Dodgers with enough evidence he can be an asset in the major leagues. Scouts also voiced their opinions and believe third base can end up being a good position for Vargas (via Mike Digiovonna, Los Angeles Times).

Vargas has good hands and a decent arm, but slow feet limit his range and mobility in the infield. Asked this week name Vargas’ best position, Friedman said, “Probably third.”
Scout Two said he “thinks” Vargas can play third base in the big leagues, and Barbary said Vargas “made a lot of progress at third” in his 113 games at Oklahoma City in 2022.

While the team may be more open to bringing in a more proven player to play third base, Vargas can be provided with a big chance. His fate can lie in his own hands as he continues to make the most of his opportunities.

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  1. Fans and sports “experts” seem to forget that Freeman, Betts, Verlander, etc. were all rookies with question marks at one time. Of course, it’s always easier to bring up a player if you’re a non-contender, but a team like the Dodgers, with their vaunted minor league system, should not shy away from bringing up players (and they haven’t in the past). They have at least five minor leaguers currently who would make major league rosters today. Vargas, Pages, Outman and two or three pitchers. Remember, you don’t have to be an All-Star, just a player with some fire who can get a big hit now and then and play solid defense. — I’m not as pessimistic as some. Will they when 111 games, no, but winning in the playoffs and, hopefully, winning the final game of the season would be nice.

  2. Obviously, as evidenced by this article, our FO is designed to move ‘Moon-Shot’ back to 2nd instead of giving a legit shot to Michael Busch. If we’re gravitating toward a youth movement, then so be it. The Blue have my blessing. So then let’s play our youngsters, why don’t we? Why do certain guys get the runway when others dont? Give Vargas the DH, Moonshot 3rd and Busch 2nd. Re-sign Justin Turner as a mentor and depth piece.

  3. I’m really hoping for a youth movement this year. Of course, its not really a “youth” movement because most of these guys are 24, 25, and 26 years old. That’s the start of their prime years. So, yes, let them play!

    I’d love to see an outfield of Thompson, Outman, and Betts with Taylor as backup. In two years, Pages will be up.

    An infield of Smith (C), Freeman, Busch, Lux and Vargas. With Muncy backing up both 1B and 3B, and Taylor, Leonard, and Amaya providing depth and pitch-hitting.

    One thing I wish Friedman & Co would do is use the young pitchers in the pen, like they/MLB used to do. Young pitchers learned how to handle big league hitters while in the pen. When ready, they were promoted to the rotation. It looks like they used Jackson that way last year, and it was successful! Keep that going.

    Knack, Jackson, and Grove can certainly fill out the pen. Remember, Ferguson was a starter in the minors, and converted to a very good reliever. With our lack of lefties, especially post-Kershaw, perhaps Ferguson will move back to a starter’s role. Treinan, Graterol, Phillips, Miller, Almonte, Vesia, Hudson, Bickford…how many relievers do we need?!

    The rotation will consist of Kershaw (this year), Urias, Gonsolin, May and Pepiot. I’d suggest bringing in Syndergaard on a short-term deal and let the pitching staff do their magic once again. A year from now, or perhaps late summer, Buehler returns. But, Bobby Miller needs a shot at some point this year, if not right out of spring training. The future brings us Stone and Sheehan, plus the young arms that would be learning big-league hitters in the pen. We don’t need to sign expensive, older pitchers that may or may not see the end of that contract.


  4. Agreed, give the kids a shot. It’s crazy how much the free agent market is. Some of the signing fors 11yrs./10yrs for FA’s will likely not age well, so these teams will feel pain when these FA’s are 37 years and older. After the 111 win season, don’t need the big name FA’s, example A. Judge was a monster in the regular season, but he started the postseason with 7-8 strikeouts from what I recall, yet the rookie shortstop from Astros was the World Series MVP. Seems like many times the X-factor in the postseason is not always the star in the regular season, as teams strategize to not let them beat them plus the pitching is better in playoffs. Once recent exception was Corey Seager in 2020.

  5. Much prefer the kids! The reality is many teams in baseball are much improved and we really need to keep our payroll below $233 mil. for one year. Doesn’t bother me one bit that we haven’t signed a big free agent. Andrew read the market and decided youth plus trade(s) is the way to go. The uncertainty around Bauer is really gumming up the works right now. We’ll have to wait and see how that and trades shape our post season. I do think we should bring back J.T. but I think there is a need for another lefty bat that may get in the way of that. Stand by!

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