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Dodgers Offseason: Resetting The Projected Lineup Following the MLB Winter Meetings

The 2022 Dodgers we all knew and fell in love with are now long gone. That might be an over-exaggeration, but they’ve lost many core players that helped catapult them into the best regular season team of last season.

Tyler Anderson is an Angel, Cody Bellinger is a Cub, Trea Turner is a Phillie, and Tommy Kahnle is a Yankee again.

Your 2023 Dodgers already look different, and we’re not even halfway through the offseason. A lot can happen from now till the start of the regular season and beyond, but as of now, here is what a projected lineup could look like at the start of Opening Day, according to L.A. Times assistant sports editor Houston Mitchell.

C-Will Smith
1B-Freddie Freeman
2B-Max Muncy
3B-Miguel Vargas
SS-Gavin Lux
LF-Chris Taylor
CF-Trayce Thompson/James Outman
RF-Mookie Betts
Plus a rotation of Julio Urías, Kershaw, Tony Gonsolin, Dustin May and Ryan Pepiot. No official closer in the bullpen (probably Daniel Hudson or Evan Phillips). No Blake Treinen.

We’re familiar with the names in the lineup, but this time they will play an everyday/vital role for the Dodgers if things standpat. L.A. doesn’t seem to be eager to sign one of the remaining big-name free agents; however, they can always pull off a trade deemed necessary.

Losing the youngest of their three-headed monsters in Trea Turner is a huge loss for the Boys in Blue, as he is an excellent player and only missed two games due to rest.

If Gonsolin could replicate his 2022 season in some form and have May live up to his potential, then the Dodgers rotation could be the best in baseball once again.

We know that the Dodgers and Andrew Friedman always do their best to improve the Dodgers. If they feel the youth movement is the best option for 2023, then so be it.

What do you think of the projected 2023 lineup, Dodger fans?

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Ricardo Sandoval

Born and Raised in the East side of Los Angeles. Ricardo is a staff writer at Dodgers Nation and on the LA Sports Report network of sites. He's also a lifelong Dodgers and Lakers fan. Ricardo is an alumnus of CSUN (Go Matadors).


  1. Good, but not great lineup. Always sad to see subtraction for financial – not on field – reasons.

  2. I really like the lineup with Outman and Vargas in it. They should be given a good opportunity to prove themselves at the major league level! They need to bring up some of their promising minor league pitchers, like Pepiot, Miller, Grove, etc., and give them chances also!

  3. Oh okay Andrew Freeman why have yu not talk ed to Justin Turner and have given him a good contract to bring him back He is a good 3rd baseman and a leader in the club house; Bring him back now please.

  4. The only important piece they lost and don’t have a suitable replacement for is Trea Turner. Tyler Anderson is replaced by a full season of Dustin May. Belli being replaced by Outman/Thompson is probably an improvement over 2022 CF production. Tommy Kahnle’s departure leaves only 12 innings to replace.

    I’m bullish on 2023 and Friedman is just getting started adding lower cost reclamation pitching projects like Andrew Heaney, Tyler Anderson, Blake Treinen, and Tommy Kahnle (among others).

  5. I’m going with Chris Taylor at 2nd base, Muncy at third and Vargas in left field/DH combo with Outman.

  6. I think AF and the Dodger leadership are looking beyond ’23. They’re sacrificing this next season to rebuild, but I don’t expect them to say as much. This makes sense when you look at the big picture: start developing the young talent at the mlb level and see where the pitching needs are once the seasons progresses, because the entire staff except for Urias is a huge question mark right now. Plus this plays into the scenario of acquiring some megastars next offseason. If this is not the case, then I’m very concerned.

    1. They are not sacrificing this next season, give me a break, they just won 111 games, we lost 9 WAR with Trea and Anderson, so down to 102 games, but adding WAR at 3rd and in CF should be easy, they will be fine

  7. Dude, as of right now, with the uncertainty of the health of the pitching staff, as well as the unknowns of the minor league callups, we are most certainly sacrificing this next season. How is this new team even close to the stacked linuep we had last year. Sure, there’s time for some hig moves prior to opening day, but there’s no way they come close. Ok with me, as the big picture of creating a real dynasty is more important.

    1. I know a lot of fans like to see the spend spend attitude. But like Jackson says, how much WAR did we lose? And Muncy had a down year. Taylor had a down year. Two former All-stars with injuries. How many players return with MVP votes on their resume? We will be fine. Kershaw is gearing up for what could be his swan song. Urias had been snubbed two years in a row. We have FOUR potential ROY candidates. Pepiot, Miller, Outman, and Vargas. I would resign Turner. Then roll the dice.

      1. You are right about rolling the dice. With the exception of Urias, I think all of the names you mentioned are big question marks. Past performance does not guarantee anything for this upcoming year. Kersh is solid when he’s healthy, same for Muncy. CT3 is concerning with all the strikeouts, and while talented, these rookies have not proven themselves yet. It will be great if they all live up to the hype, but we’ll see.

    2. We had serious offensive deficiencies in 4 of our 9 hitters: Muncy, Bellinger, Taylor and JT for most of the regular season. Our lineup needs ready and fully developed talent. There’s a chance the rookies will have great first years. We need two starting pitchers to be added. Whether that’s from within or via trade is still to be determined. But, we’ll have a great team and a great year, nonetheless. We are the Dodgers.

  8. This is just another TANK job. The Mets,Padres,Phillies as of right now all have better pitching and lineups. This was a loaded Free Agent class and there won’t be another one like this in years. The Dodgers brass know there is a depression coming, and they’re just saving their money. Enjoy the Hope show Dodgers fans. Hope they get more talent, Hope their Minor league talent is MLB level, and Hope they don’t raise ticket prices-Parking and concessions to watch a Tank job.

    1. The Mets have aged and declining Max Sherzer and they just added a great regular season starting pitcher in Justin Verlander. I’m going on record to say Verlander’s 2022 Cy Young award marks the beginning of his decline (evidenced by his continued playoff struggles). The Phillies starting pitching will be a major concern for them. The Padres starting pitching will fail them also in 2023 whether by inefficiency or injury. The Dodgers will be right their throughout the year. We’ll be right back in the playoffs.

  9. Except for Mookie, Freddie, and Will this a lineup of bench and reserve players. FO should have let Kershaw know their intentions for 2023. He probably wouldn’t sign if they were “sacrificing “ next season and wasting a year off Mookie’s and Freddie’s prime years. I knew somehow the Bauer’s contract was going to be a problem, mega contract for a guy with character troubles in the past.

  10. Play the kids. It is time. I am tired of hearing what a great farm system we have. Either play them or trade them for proven MLB talent.
    The Dodgers biggest need is a change of philosophy at the plate. Stop swinging for the fence on every pitch. We need to make more contact, put the ball in play, move runners up with productive outs, and cut down on the freaking strike outs.

  11. Maybe we play mediocre all season, get in as a 6th seed, then win the World Series? Why not? We’ve tried it how may times dominating the regular season then not showing up in the postseason.

  12. Bring back Justin Turner he is a great team player And if the Dodgers go in the tank fire Dave Roberts and make him mgr

  13. I didn’t see Justin Turner’s name mentioned. He still plays a good third base and consistently hits ,285-.289. Is he in their plans?

    1. JT was non-tendered, so he’s playing the market right now. There’s still a chance he could be back.

  14. 4th place, here we come … Muncy at 2nd with Lux at short ??? No shift next year. Pitching is full of “ifs” . No closer; again. 111 wins dwindles to 83 or less & ALOT of Excuses from Friedman & Doc !

  15. Dodgers had always had a deep bench. Losing JT really hurts if a starter or two go on an extended IR.

  16. Pitching Pitching Pitching…
    Dogers need to add more solid starting pitcher to their rotation that can go 5-6 solid innings.. eat 80plus pitches a night.. yes dodgers already have players on minor team to fill those gaps.. position players.. they are solid.. they just need to give players more streaks of games to give chances to develop a groove not the whole one game in one game out stop and go… Dodgers have a great team with youthful potential and have to have faith in the young guys just like Seattle did with Julio.. give people the opportunity to play a month or 2…

  17. Remember, we’re not counting the possibilities of injuries next year, so hopefully EVERYONE in the team is able to stay healthy for the whole season

  18. Come on dodger fan be honest with yourselves you really don’t believe that there going to win the division all of you know san going to be the team to beat and that should put a bad taste in all of your mouth good luck with that!!! Go yankees

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