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Dodgers News: Scully Prepares for His Final Season

As we enter Vin Scully’s final season, we are often reminded of just how amazing he happens to be. The way Scully’s voice hits your eardrum is that of a soothing parent, someone who connects with you on a deeper level than just baseball. He is the sport, and the Los Angeles Dodgers and their fans have loved him for as long as they can remember.

Scully is entering his 67th season as a broadcaster for the Dodgers, and he will be in San Diego to call the opening day game. Then again, you would expect him to be there. After all, who else is going to welcome us to a whole new season of Dodgers baseball? No one, that’s who. At least, no one like Vin.

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From Chris Erskine, contact reporter at the Los Angeles Times:

Across seven decades, Vin Scully has bewitched baseball fans with That Voice — full of swing, moxie, and sonic opulence. He uses it like a horn, to serenade an antebellum sport that is too slow by half and make musical the specter of grown men mostly standing around for three hours.

Think what you want of baseball, but Scully does have a way of making it seem like the greatest thing in existence. The stories he weaves into his broadcasts, the way he explains every intricate and ornate thing in extensive detail, and the sheer vibrance of his voice just brings you to life every single time you hear it.

Despite what the television lockout might have you thinking, at least know that we got to experience sheer joy and jubilation from Vin Scully every time we turned on the television set or radio. He is baseball, he is the Dodgers, and he’s the sound of our childhood. No one ever resonated with us as much as he did, and we’ll always love him for it.

So, as this final season for him kicks off, let’s all thank our lucky stars that we were able to experience everything he had to offer us for as long as he was able to do so. His voice was like a musical note, tickling your ear in a way that only your favorite song can do. Vin Scully delivered the sound of a lifetime in a way that only he could do.

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