Dodgers News: The Case Of Andre Ethier And Should The Club Trade Him

Dodgers outfielder Andre Ethier signed a five-year $85 million contract last summer and so far this year, hasn’t lived up to the responsibilities of having such a large contract.

So far, Ethier is a big reason why the Dodgers rank second-to-last in runs scored and why they’re hitting so poorly with runners in scoring position and with the bases loaded. He’s hitting .253 with four home runs and 15 RBI’s and ESPN’s Buster Olney talks about a possible scenario the Dodgers could explore:

“But the Dodgers probably need to commit to some sort of solution with the left-handed-hitting Ethier before they call up one of those young players, and rival officials think it’ll be incredibly difficult for them to trade Ethier unless they are willing to swallow a whole lot of money.”

Ethier’s main problem coming into this season was his inability to hit left-handed pitching and so far this year he’s hitting .250 against south paws, which is a lot better than last season.

So, what do the Dodgers do? Do you eat a large portion of Ethier’s contract and admit you made a mistake in signing him to such a long extension?

Regardless, his inability to produce will have Dodgers fans clamoring for the team to call-up Yaisel Puig and Joc Pederson, a scenario that was supposedly discussed last week.

Well, if Dodgers management decides to trade Ethier, who would be interested? The Mets and Dodgers talked about an Ethier-R.A. Dickey deal last off-season and the Mets farm system is stockpiled with young talent.

Trading Ethier seems like the logical decision for the Dodgers since he isn’t worth the contract and he has two replacements at the minor league level pushing management to make a decision. It won’t be easy for the Dodgers to deal Ethier with his large contract, but if there is a change to be made, expect number 16 to be headed elsewhere.



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