Note to Dodgers Fans: Your Booing Isn’t Helping The Team Whatsoever

You know what one of my biggest pet peeves is as a sports fan?

It’s that text you get when your team loses the biggest game of the season.

Maybe your kicker put the game-tying field goal just wide. Maybe your star player clanked an easy layup. Maybe your shortstop threw high and wide to first.

Whatever the situation, every sports fan has been there — in the pits of despair feeling like things couldn’t get any worse.

And, well, they do.

Because then that “friend” of yours thinks now is a good time to send over that text message reminding you of the fact that the team you care so passionately for just blew an important game.

And, the feeling that didn’t seem like it could get any worse just did.

Well Dodger fans, every time we boo Matt Kemp or Andre Ethier (or whomever), we’re that “friend” sending Kemp and Ethier the reminder they need no reminding of.

You think either guy is happy about their performance?

You think either guy has forgotten how many strikeouts they have in their past few games?

Consider this: after a game ends, you go to sleep, you go to school or to your job and you get to forget about it for a few hours.

For a professional athlete, that safe-haven doesn’t exist.

The newspapers will write about it, the analysts will discuss it and it seems like everyone is picking a fight.

What’s great about being a fan is that we get to be the cure for that problem.

By cheering on Kemp despite his slump, we’re not reinforcing a culture of complacency — we’re building a culture of safety and encouragement.

Sure, it sounds cheesy and like something your second-grade teacher thought of, but it’s true.

Kemp isn’t three boos short of breaking out of his slump, but he might be just a few cheers short.

Yes, Kemp and Ethier get paid a lot of money, and, no, they aren’t exactly earning it right now — but booing them at home surely isn’t going to help.

Have you ever heard of home-field advantage? Ever wonder why a guy hits better at home then he does on the road?

Who knows, maybe the fact that he isn’t getting booed every time up or heckled in the outfield has something to do with it.

I’m not saying I don’t understand the thought process behind booing these guys, I’m saying we need to fight that urge.

It might make sense to boo, but it surely doesn’t help.

Go Dodgers.

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  1. I was ashamed myself (SMH) :-/…PEOPLE NEED TO GROW UP!!! even Angels fans were laughing while “your ignorant dumb asses were Booing Kemp”…This, IS HIS home, TRUE DODGER FANS support “win or lose!!” assholes!!!

    ~~It was upsetting for me & I wasn’t the one batting…Sooo, he had a BAD NIGHT anyone ever have one of those or are your lives so fucken perfect??

    Matt Kemp I’m here for you!! I’m here as a loyal Dodger Fan to all my boys in blue!

  2. Booing ? Sure, it’s been around since public sport began….but go to a Houston Asto game with 8000 people and you jus don hear it… Or at any other pro sports team that’s abasement dweller and …here s why….they’re not expected to do well and the teams players make nothing next to teams like The Dodgers…Kemp makes enough money to give a brand new car and gas for a year to everybody sitting in those overpriced awful paper deck seats..so when they pack the kids into the 15 year old SUV and pay an equivalent of a weeks pay to go see these numbskull millionaires fumble their way around a baseball field and make in a day what the poor bum in the third to last row in the upper deck makes in a year….well I guess the fans have a right to complain.

  3. Like you, I agree we have reason to be upset. I haven’t been this disappointed in the team’s performance in a very long time. However, just because we have reason, doesn’t mean we should act upon it.

    Yes, it sucks that our all-stars aren’t playing to their proper caliber, but we don’t need to add insult to injuries. Let’s focus on support and stick with the team. We certainly don’t need a stadium full of those three dudes from the Major League movies–the life-long love/haters that show up to every game just to complain. We’re better than that.

  4. Most of the folks who are booing are the same guys who just drank 5 beers, spilled two of them on their neighbors and are too busy playing beachball to notice what is going on in the game. These are NOT the true fans, but the wanna be’s who come for a day or two and then go back to their backyard barbecue beer drinking. TRUE FANS understand the effort and sheer will that goes into being one of a very exclusive group of 1500 Major League Baseball players IN THE WORLD

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