Dodgers News: Thus Far, Cody Bellinger Is One Of Baseball’s Most Dangerous Weapons

If you break the Major League Baseball season down into six-game segments, there are 27 of them. With that said, the Dodgers are 1/27th through the season. Moreover, it’s hard to argue in that (short) time period there is a more dominant offensive presence in the game than Cody Bellinger.

Of course – while the guy is off to the best start of his career – I’m going to savor it. I’m going to write about it every chance I can! Therefore, let’s take a look at the eye-popping stats.

Bellinger has hit six home runs, drove in 12; he’s batting .429 with an OPS of 1.412 and has stolen a bag for good measure. While he probably suffers through a tough stretch or two, it’s hard to argue that 2019 Bellinger is a whole new animal.

Bill Plunkett of the OC Register took a look at the torrid start following Tuesday night’s contest when Bellinger hit a grand slam off Madison Bumgarner in a 6-5 win.

Plunkett spoke with Bellinger about what’s different from 2018 to the present.

“I think I just got away from my plan,” Bellinger said. “When that happens, when your plan and your approach aren’t there, the results probably won’t be there.”

Bellinger went to work this offseason, watching video of the good and bad of his first two seasons with hitting coaches Robert Van Scoyoc and Brant Brown. Becoming more advanced in the mental side of the game has been “a huge part” of his hot start, Bellinger said.

Equally important, Dodgers hitting strategist Brant Brown told us about the offseason work Bellinger was putting in. Furthermore, he said don’t be surprised to see a return of ‘2017 Bellinger’. Thus far, Brown has been correct.

Bellinger is simply happy to be more consistent. Indeed, he’s recorded a hit in all six Dodgers games so far.

“I think it’s just the consistency factor that the coaches have helped me with and that I’m learning,” he said. “Just learning, watching video, understanding what I’m good at, what I’m not good at. That was more offseason work. During the season, you just grind. It’s a cat-and-mouse game and you do what you can to beat the pitcher that day.”

Right now, it certainly feels like the sky is the limit for Cody Bellinger. So, allow yourself to dream. And make sure you’re enjoying the Dodgers having one of the most scintillating forces in the game in April of 2019.

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  1. Roberts is right about what he said to Bellinger before the season began:””You are our guy” and so far he is all that and more. how impressive was it for him to hit that slam AGAINST A LHP in Bumgarner!

    1. PaulDodgerFan1965. It is a small sample, one of the authors stated that if you break-up the season into 6-game segments there are 27, so we are 1/27th of the season along, but I’m concerned about Turner & Seager because they(hopefully) will Not be platooned and Muncy as they are strugging to hit. To a lesser extent, Freese & (especially)Taylor, also strugging to hit. I say to a lesser extent these two, because they will be platooned. The players hitting above .300 right now, Kike, Bellinger, Pollack, hopefully they will sustain. Barnes & Martin, if they can hit at worst .250, icing on the cake. I’m just “old-school” but I would be ecstatic if Bellinger would bat in the 3-4-5 range depending on the handed-ness of the pitcher, preferably behind Pollack or Turner.

      1. Yes, it’s a small sample size, Robin but at the very least let’s not constantly move Bellinger all over the lineup on a daily basis. consistency and maintaining a rhythm is what I am getting at here. As far as Muncy goes, he looks to be platooned, IDK but someone brought up his being a liability defensively and Dodgers may have not allowed all those 3 runs if he made a better throw to KJ. But have you noticed how in this series so far with the Giants that Joc is nowhere to be found, even after his great start? It’s of course because of the LHP the Giants are throwing here in these 3 games. Yep it looks like Joc will remain in a platoon along with some others as Roberts has said will take place ..

        1. PaulDodgerFan1965. Yes, Pederson won’t start tonight or tomorrow,LHPs the Giants-Holland, Rockies-Tyler Anderson. Hypothetical here. You and I are gen. managers on two different teams. If I were to offer you or if you were interested in Pederson(for a trade), what kind of prospects(minor league) or major league player would be on the table. Would you as a gen.manager even question me why doesn’t Pederson play against LHP? If my response to that question would be to the effect Pederson isn’t effective against LHP. I don’t know how I could sugarcoat that answer. I’m sure your scouts would already that inform you about Joc, yes.

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