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Dodgers News: Trea Turner’s Mental Error Costs Team a Run

Just about everything that could have gone wrong for the Dodgers this weekend went wrong. They lost Walker Buehler for potentially 2 months, Chris Taylor slammed into the wall and bloodied his face, and they got swept right out of San Francisco. It was just about the worst weekend imaginable.

But one play by Trea Turner was just the straw that broke the camel’s back for Dodgers fans. With two outs in the 8th inning, Justin Turner laced a ball into right field that got by Mike Yastrzemski. Trea made it to third on the play, but the replay showed a costly mistake.

Turner seemed to hold up slightly as e was heading to second base, presumably to see if the ball was going to be caught. But there were 2 outs in the innings, and Dodgers fans felt that he should have scored on the play.

This was Trea’s response as to why he didn’t score after the game.

“I mean, my run is not really that important. If I get thrown out at home plate right there, we’re talking about a little bit different thing. I ran. I don’t know why this is a question, but I ran until my third base coach held me up.”

Sure, the run there didn’t mean anything. The Dodgers would go on to lose by 2 runs, so Trea scoring technically doesn’t change anything. But the idea of going into the 9th inning down by just 1 run is much more palatable and can drastically change the plate approach.

A mental lapse cost them a run, and it’s not good with the way they have been playing.

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