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Dodgers News: Vin Scully Declines Invitation to Attend September Series at Yankees

The Los Angeles Dodgers will head to New York to face the Yankees for a 3-game series between September 12th-14th. With Vin Scully entering his final season the Yankees wanted to extend an invitation to invite Scully, the New York native, back home.

Hall of Famer Joe Torre was appointed to assist the Yankees in delivering the special invitation to Scully when Torre was in Los Angeles.

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Unfortunately, Scully declined the heartfelt invitation.

From Christian Red, N.Y. Daily News writer:

“(Scully) was touched,” Torre adds, “and he certainly understood, but again, it goes back to he doesn’t want anybody to fuss over him.”

“I thought that was extremely thoughtful that the Yankees would love it if I came to the games. But I don’t want to fall into a trap, like I’m a rare Stradivarius and I’m taking it on tour,” says Scully. “Although I appreciate it, I’m really not inclined to take a bow.”

Red also writes that the Yankees invitation remains open:

“He’s a special individual, God love him,” Torre says of Scully. “He’s very humble. Everybody wants him to go here, there, everywhere because of his last season. He just doesn’t want to be made a fuss over.”

Scully has talked about finishing his career in the Dodgers season finale vs. the Giants in San Francisco. It is unclear if that will happen, but the Dodgers will do everything to honor him, including hosting a Vin Scully Appreciation Night.

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