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Dodgers News: Walker Buehler Talks Emmet Sheehan’s Debut, What to Watch Moving Forward

Starting the month of June with a 5-10 record and a sweep from NL West Rivals, the San Francisco Giants, it really hasn’t been the best month for the Dodgers. Things got better this week, as they swept the Angels in a two-game series with two shutouts. Still, they’re just 7-10 in the month of June.

Despite their up-and-down month, there have been a few positives for the Boys in Blue, especially the buzz around rookie starting pitcher, Emmet Sheehan, who made his debut against the Giants last Friday night.

Sheehan threw six scoreless innings, allowing no hits in a 7-5 loss in the first of a three-game series against San Francisco.

The Pitcher out of Boston College received a lot praise from around the league, including from his own teammate, Walker Buehler.

Despite the grand performance from Sheehan, Buehler noticed something in his pitches that evening.

“It’s a really wacky throw. Works really good, comes out of his hand really good, but it is a little bit funky and I think that’ll be something interesting to watch going forward.”

Walker Buehler via “Just Baseball Show”

Buehler also mentioned that the idea of opposing batters not being familiar with Sheehan could have played a lot in his impressive debut, but is keeping an eye on how long that will last.

“You don’t luck into much into the major leagues but not having familiarity with a guy and having, kind of, that funk to it I think is definitely beneficial and is gonna help him for a long time and, kind of, give him that leash to figure out the big leagues which seemingly he did at least for a night, right. So, we’ll see how it continues but obviously it’s as good a start as you can ask for.”

Walker Buehler via “Just Baseball Show”

As a Dodger fan, I am very excited to see how Sheehan progresses, and I am looking forward to seeing if he can match this performance in his next start, which is projected for either the Freeway series in Anaheim or Houston at home, later this week.

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