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Dodgers News: Will Dodgers Top 87 Wins This Year?

So, on the 11th of February the Atlantis Resort and Casino sportsbook in Reno, Nevada posted their over-under win totals for all 30 Major League Baseball teams. The Los Angeles Dodgers were at 87 wins, which seems like a relatively low number considering their recent success. But will the Dodgers best that mark?

Well, the folks over at 120 Sports, a Sports Illustrated Network, had a little three-person roundtable to discuss whether or not the Dodgers would go over or under those 87 wins, and it was a pretty interesting conversation. In short, there was quite a bit of disagreement surrounding the team.

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The following was transcribed from the 120 Sports video:

Bryant McFadden: I’ll go under. This is a team, they have a new manager – Dave Roberts – who is well-regarded in the Major Leagues, but this is his first time being a manager. He’s managing a team with a lot of tradition, the expectations will be extremely high, and I don’t know how this first year will be for him.

That’s an honest and fair assessment. This is Dave Roberts’ first year as a manager at the big league level, and it’s only pure speculation at this point how he’ll be able to manage the egos of the players as well as the pressure to win right away. It could break him, but it could help him thrive.

Scott Rude: I think the Dodgers make the playoffs, probably in a Wild Card position. I like the Giants to win the West. I think five teams in the NL win 90 games, I like the over.

The first thing that pops off the page here is five teams at 90 wins or better. Now, Rude did go on to say that there are teams out there in the National League trying to tank and stuff like that, so you could see 90 wins happening for several teams. Still, that’s a lot.

But, the one thing the video does show is just how split the viewpoints on the Dodgers’ upcoming season happen to be, and they seem to reflect the fanbases’ overall split in thought. Some are confident, others not so much. There’s a reason they play the games. We’ll just have to find out who is right.

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