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Dodgers News: Will Smith Breaks Down Altercation With Braves Marcell Ozuna

Will Smith is usually as stoic and level-headed as they come. So if he ever deviates from that state of mind, you have to assume it’s because someone really did something to make him mad.

On Monday against the Braves, that was the case — and Marcell Ozuna was that someone.

In the fourth inning of the Dodgers’ 8-6 comeback win over the Braves, Ozuna hit a fly ball to left field. On his backswing, however, he knocked Smith on the side of the head — and pretty hard, at that.

Smith immediately took off his mask and shook his head, before sharing some words with Ozuna. You could see that Smith was very unhappy after getting hit in the head (rightfully so), and the bullpens were ready to clear (although they didn’t come all the way into the infield).

Smith was especially upset because Ozuna did that same thing to him last year.

And Smith was especially, especially upset because he suffered a concussion a month ago that sidelined him for over two weeks — so a hit to the head was the last thing he needed.

After the game, Smith explained the entire altercation and his reasoning for barking at Ozuna.

“I was just mad,” Smith said. “He hit me in the head with his bat pretty hard. It’s not the first time he’s done it to me. He’s done it to other catchers around the league. I just felt like there comes a point where I need to say something there. In the moment, it kind of got a little heated. It’s something he’s not doing on purpose. But you do it enough times you’d think he’d fix it.”

Fabian Ardaya, The Athletic

“I just came off a concussion three, four weeks ago whatever it was. So, yeah. The catcher is the one back there. He’s the one getting hit. It’s my job and I’m the one wearing it. Hopefully I wake up tomorrow feeling good. Should feel good. So, yeah.”

Fabian Ardaya, The Athletic

Obviously Ozuna didn’t do it on purpose, but like Smith said, if it’s something he’s done multiple times, he should have fixed it by now.

Props to Smith for sticking up for himself and saying something to Ozuna, and hopefully he wakes up feeling good tomorrow and ready to play.

The Dodgers are an incredible 22-9 when Smith plays, and 8-10 when he doesn’t. They clearly need him in the lineup as much as possible.

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  1. Reading the responses on Twitter should give pause to any journalist and/or blogger using that platform as source material. Unless the evidence you want to highlight is the abject stupidity of the general American sports fan.

  2. Well , Smith has to be Protected it’s that simple , if the League does not step in and ” Fix it ” some is going to get really injured. . Robert’s is the Manger and calls All Shots on the field . Ozuna must change or the Dogers must Buzz Ozuna’s Tower…. !

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