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Dodgers News: Yasiel Puig Placed on Trade Waivers Via Fox Sports

Yasiel Puig has been one of the most talk about Dodgers this season. Whether he was partying on snapchat, getting injured, or in trade talks, his name was always in the conversation. Lately he has been in the news for his success in OKC, but we have just been given another reason to talk about him.

On Saturday, Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports tweeted out that Yasiel Puig has been placed on trade waivers, basically letting teams know that he is available. This almost certainly means that the team will likely trade as opposed to keep the right fielder, though Rosenthal believes that won’t happen until the off-season due to marketability.

Puig is currently tearing it up with OKC, hitting .375 with 4 home runs in just 17 games. There is no doubt that a team will claim him!

There is no doubt that a team will want Yasiel Puig with how successful he has been in the minor leagues, the only thing that stands now is which team and what do they have to offer. When a player is placed on waivers, the teams with the worst records get first dibs, so only time will tell what we can expect in return for Puig. Hopefully the transaction will be in the best interest for both the Dodgers and Yasiel Puig.

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  1. I still don’t see why the Dodgers would just continue to give him a chance to prove himself.  Yes his actions have been a nuisance, but honestly his trade value is enormously low compared to his true potential.  If the trade nets us value and isn’t just some move to move him for the sake of moving, then I am fine with it.  Otherwise I’m holding on to him firmly.

  2. There is more to this story then we are being told. My question is what did Puig do that all of us do not know about that has forced Friedman to not bring Puig back even though they need him in right field due to Reddick’s poor performance? I cannot believe everything that we know about would cause this turmoil. No way. Either the players in group told Friedman that did not want him on their team or Puig did something else that has pissed off the ownership. The players association does not appear to be involved in this issue and not one Dodger has spoken publicly about this issue. So I think it’s the players, the players do not want him on their team. That is what I think.

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