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Dodgers News: Yasiel Puig to Start on Sunday

Yasiel Puig’s name has been present in every Dodger conversation for the past few weeks, most recently being his potential role in a Jay Bruce trade. However, his name was making headlines before that when he was pulled from a game with tightness in his right hamstring. This led to many speculations of him taking another trip to the disabled list as well as outlandish talks that it was a coverup for the imminent trade.

Well, whether Puig is being traded or not is still uncertain. Jayson Stark of ESPN tweeted out earlier that the 3-team trade was no longer in the works, but that the Dodgers are still interested in Bruce.

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Regardless, the Dodgers are moving forward with Yasiel Puig as if he was not even in these conversations, rightfully so. Dave Roberts announced on Saturday that Yasiel Puig has been cleared to play since Friday, which explains his appearance in the later innings of that game. He also went on to note that Puig will likely be getting the start on Sunday versus the lefty Patrick Corbin.

With all of these rumors floating around, it would be easy for Puig to become very anxious or possibly upset. The fact that Roberts is not trying to plan far ahead or speculate and is taking this one game at a time shows his leadership and drive to win. Seeing Yasiel Puig go would be a sad sight to see, but, if it were to happen, at least Dodger fans would have gotten to see him start at least one last time! Don’t worry, the deadline is on Monday so we will not have to wait in suspense much longer.

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