Dodgers News: Zack Greinke Has Renewed Perspective On Joc Pederson

Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports
Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Joc Pederson’s long awaited arrival in Los Angeles came last season when he was one of the Dodgers’ Minor-League call-ups in September once active rosters expanded. As would be expected from a player making his MLB debut, Pederson’s first taste in the big leagues was composed of mixed results.

After an offseason to prepare for the opportunity to take the reins in center field, Pederson returned in Spring Training and impressed, won the starting job, and has since become integral to the Dodgers’ success.

When asked about Pederson’s four home runs in as many games and the power behind the home runs, Zack Greinke said he’s been impressed by the rookie center fielder, via Time Warner Cable’s SportsNet LA:

I thought Joc would have a lot more holes than he does. He’s doing pretty well and hitting some pitches I never thought he was going to be able to hit. And he’s still really young, so it’s extra impressive.”

Greinke provided more context to his initial assessment of Pederson, via ESPN’s Mark Saxon:

There were a couple of things where, especially when veteran pitchers were pitching to him, it seemed like it was a pretty easy out,” Greinke said. “At the end of the year last year, he didn’t get many hits.”

On top of providing pop at the top of the Dodgers’ lineup, Pederson has taken command in an outfield that’s been without regulars Carl Crawford and Yasiel Puig for much of the season. As for the center fielder’s offensive prowess, Pederson leads all rookies with 17 home runs, which is also first on the Dodgers and tied for third in the Majors.


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    1. Are you talking about the Dodgers? If so, there was a left-handed CF by the name of Willie Davis. Didn’t hit as many HRs as Joc will. 3-Dog hit more triples and stole more bases and hit for a better BA than Joc will. I would say that regarding the other 4 tools, outside of hitting for power. Willie will be proven better than Joc. Really hope I’m proven wrong on that. Because, we all have been waiting 27 years. Only time well tell.
      Yes, Mr. Morris, neither will prove to be quite as great as the Duke of Flatbush.

      1. I think Joc has great talent. I admire the fact that he has a good eye at the plate (lots of walks).. Still strikes out too much. But is a good fielder. I remember Willie Davis….great fielder…in top 5 in the NL in the 60’s. But I remember he was fast and stretched out a lot of triples but not many RBI and not many homers. I remember him as a good bunter but a .250….260 hitter.

        1. It’s nice to know that there is fans out there, that are of our generation, that can remember teams and players of the 60s. It’s a different game now and at times for the worst. Willie was my favorite up until they traded him away after the disastrous 1973 season when they choked away a 10.5 game lead to the Reds. In all respect to you, he was actually a better offensive player than you might remember him to be. He hit as many as 21 HRs in a season. Knocked in as many as 93 RBIs. Stole as many as 42 bases and hit over .300 three years in a row. Not to mention, he had 31 game hitting streak that is still a Dodger record. Many remember him making 3 errors in one inning during the 1966 WS against the Orioles. If Joc could match or better yet, exceed Willie’s career statistics and make contact like Bill Buckner. He’s got the talent. Then, I’d say they found a great one. But, what worries me is, I don’t think we’ll be around, if we have to wait for another 27 years.

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