Dodgers News: Zack Greinke On Approach Against Juan Uribe

It doesn’t happen very often, but the same day the Los Angeles Dodgers traded Juan Uribe to the Atlanta Braves, Uribe was in the Braves lineup facing his former team.

Zack Greinke was on the mound Wednesday night when the Dodgers went for the three-game sweep of the Braves. Uribe went 0-for-3 with a walk in his Braves debut and his new team defeated his old team, 3-2.

In his first at-bat, Uribe came up in the first inning with the bases loaded. He ended up striking out, but after the game Greinke talked about what was going through his mind during that at-bat. “When he first got up I was like ‘this is probably a perfect story for a grand slam right here,’ but I just tried to make as good of pitches as possible really,” Greinke said.

Greinke ended up going six innings and allowed just one run.

When asked about what it’s like facing Uribe and if it helped him any knowing him, Greinke said, “It helped a little bit, but not a crazy amount because the biggest thing is he looks like a guy that just wants to swing all the time but he’s actually pretty patient. Jonny Gomes is like that too, by reputation and just by looking at them you think they’re gonna swing at everything, but you really have to throw strikes to them or else they’ll walk.”

The main piece the Dodgers received in the Uribe trade, veteran utility infielder Alberto Callaspo pinch-hit in the bottom of the ninth in a one-run game and a runner on base. Much like Uribe, Callaspo couldn’t get the job done in his debut with his new team, as he flied out to center to end the game.


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