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Dodgers NLCS: Dave Roberts Explains Why Alex Wood Made the Cut

The Dodgers and Braves are set to square off tonight in the NLCS in Arlington. Both teams have now officially released their rosters to the public, with a few surprises coming out of Los Angeles. 

The biggest surprise for the Dodgers is the fact that they added Alex Wood into the mix. The team chose to take Gavin Lux and Terrance Gore off of the roster in favor of Wood and Edwin Rios being mixed in. Dave Roberts explained his reasoning for adding Woody in to the media on Monday afternoon. 

For Alex, it’s the track record, the history of being in a postseason pitching on a big stage. And also just the pitch mix preparing for these guys and how he matches up. So he gives us a couple of innings of coverage if we need that as well. 

Alex Wood was added to the NLCS roster on Monday afternoon as announced by the team. Dodgers fans were a little bit surprised given that Wood was left off of the Wild Card Series and Division Series rosters. Wood also didn’t have the best regular-season, putting up a 5.01 FIP to go along with his 6+ earned run average. 

Roberts’ explanation is interesting because many felt that Wood was there to provide depth in a mop-up duty sort of role. If there is a blowout, wasting good arms out of the bullpen doesn’t help the Dodgers any. Considering Wood’s mixed playoff results, this seemed to be the most logical explanation. However, that was not something said outright by Doc. We’ll have to wait and see what sort of innings Alex gets moving forward. 

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  1. Come on! Do you really think Roberts make all these stupid moves? Roberts makes mistakes but to hold on to someone that truly isn’t helping the team, It’s gotta be upper management for whatever reason, and everybody knows it’s happened before.

  2. well for one thing Wood was not a factor in this loss. It simply was the late inning BP meltdown we have witnessed before and it also guys like Seager, Muncy and other Dodger hitters striking out at random. 11 or 12 Ks once again and most of the time 1 run on 4 hits will NOT get it done. Amazing how talk was about Globe Life Park being big and pitcher friendly, that is until the Braves were able to hit 3 Homer’s tonight to win the game. Should we be surprised at tonight’s results? My reply is no. After seeing what’s taken place in the past few October’s, nobody should be too shocked at what we saw in tonights game.

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