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Dodgers NLCS: No Guarantee Max Scherzer Will Be Ready For Potential Game 7

Max Scherzer has not pitched since Sunday in Atlanta. With the Dodgers already down a game in the series, Los Angeles turned to their trade deadline acquisition to even up the series. And Scherzer did his part, keeping Atlanta to 2 runs across 4.1 innings of work. 

But he looked gassed. So when Scherzer talked about having a dead arm after his start, there was immediately a reason for Dodgers fans to be concerned. That concern grew this weekend when it was announced that he would not make his scheduled start on Saturday in Game 6. 

Scherzer’s arm has not bounced back from his 79-pitch outing the way that the Dodgers had hoped. That led them to go with Walker Buehler on short rest in Game 6 tonight in Atlanta. But the biggest question seems to be who will pitch if they are able to keep the series alive tonight. 

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The Dodgers are optimistic that Scherzer will be ready to go tomorrow night in Atlanta. But there are also other aches and pains that the veteran hurler is reportedly dealing with, not just his arm. That could potentially leave his Game 7 start in jeopardy. 

If that’s the case, the Dodgers would have to lean heavily on their bullpen once again. They could opt to throw Julio Urias on short rest, but that seems unlikely given his lack of success against Atlanta in this series. 

Dodgers: LA’s Offense, Not Pitching, Must Keep the Season Alive in Game 6


  1. Folks I really believe this is the time to throw the analytics out the window. Ride the hot players! Run the same lineup as game 5 please!!! Hot streaks trump analytics! I think analytics come up short in incorporating intangibles. They can’t measure heart and desire. Just sayin.

    Analytics wouldn’t have predicted CT3’s game 5 performance!

  2. Ok folks lineup is out, thank goodness they were sensible:

    RF Betts (2018 WS MVP)
    SS Seager (2020 WS MVP)
    2B Turner (2020 NL batting champ)
    C Smith (proven postseason stud)
    3B Taylor (2021 NLCS MVP, well not yet)
    CF Bellinger (2019 NL MVP)
    LF Pollock (.300 hitter just got hot)
    1B Beaty (nickname the hit man)
    P Butane (Big game Buehler)

    Good luck Mr. Anderson, I don’t know how you’re gunna pitch to this lineup.

    Let’s go Dodgers!

    1. Don’t think for a moment MLB is pulling for the Dodgers to get back into the WS now that Houston took their series…..

      It’s all about the money, and a rematch for the ages…..

      I’m thinking the umpires might be a little generous today…..

      Just random thoughts from my overactive, conspiracy thinking brain! Um hummm….

    2. I love the lineup. and we still have Lux and tio off the bench as pinch hitters. amazing how deep the Dodgers are that they can withstand all these injuries and still field a quality lineup. Leftie hitters turn today to pick up the team. Belli, Seager and Beaty are gonna rake!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Dodgers Magic number is 6!

  3. Nobody will ever mistake Ian Anderson for Logan Webb. Dodgers chased Anderson in the 3rd of game 2 and they weren’t even hot with the bats yet!

    Doug, you know the conspiracy nut I am, I say this was all staged for ratings. Just sayin

  4. Now take care of business this weekend then bring that 50’s Motown group…Dusty Baker and the Cheaters!

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