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Dodgers Confident That Max Scherzer Will Get the Ball in Game 7

The Dodgers will go with Walker Buehler in Game 6 of the NLCS. With everything on the line once again, Dave Roberts will turn to a guy pitching on short rest for just the second time in his career. The first time came last week in the Division Series. 

Max Scherzer spoke with the media on Saturday about missing his start and what that meant for Game 7. According to the Dodgers hurler, he did not suffer an injury to his arm. Instead, he described it as “overcooking” his arm with the relief appearance in the NLDS. 

Scherzer was spotted throwing at Truist Park on Saturday afternoon, indicating that he could be ready to go. Dave Roberts confirmed in a pregame media session that they were confident he would be taking the ball in Game 7. 

Scherzer had also indicated earlier that he was not sure how long he would go. But regardless, the Dodgers expect him to take the ball to get things started should they reach Game 7. That’s fact alone is big news for Doc and his pitching staff. 

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If the Dodgers can make it to Game 7, they really wouldn’t need much from Scherzer. Their bullpen has carried them throughout the postseason, and there is no reason to think that they would not be able to do it again. 

The hope for now is that Walker Buehler can eat up a decent chunk of innings on Saturday night, and obviously that they can take the win.  

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  1. This folks is fabulous news! Just the fact that there isn’t something worse with Max is all I needed to see! Looks like Atlanta will be adding to its “Choke City” moniker.

  2. Considering Tio’s performance last game seemed like a no brainer, he’s dialed in. But the righty lefty thing is in play. Beatty capable, but still disagree, Tio is hot.

    1. John, agreed but at least they didn’t compound the error by putting Belli there and Lux in CF so I’m thankful for that.

  3. To the Dodgers:

    Let’s focus on tonight only boys!!!!

    If we win, then we deal with tomorrow….

    Keep it simple, LFG boys!!!! All of us here are with you!

    “We will, we will, rock you” tonight!

  4. Anyone notice how Bellinger handled Rosario’s drive? Had he been in CF like he should have been, Dodgers win game 2! Huge difference.

    Pitching and DEFENSE win in the postseason! Not offense.

    1. Dodgers down 4 to 2 ,having just scored, had runners on 2nd and 3rd and nobody out in the 7th inning and still failed to make contact and those runners were left standing, and that was the game. Piching held the Braves scoreless after Rosario’s HR. Defense was fine. But as so often happened after a 10+ run scoring game, the offense fails to show up for the following game.
      Now the off season shall begin

      1. Paul, Dodgers shouldn’t have been down 4-2. With two outs and a 1-2 count to the #8 hitter and you walk him? Bad things happen when you can’t execute. Then have a 2 strike count on your opponent’s hottest hitter with 1st base open and give up a gopher ball. Braves didn’t do that. They executed pitch after pitch in similar situations!

  5. I actually knew Dodgers were in trouble in the 1st inning. Horrible execution. Mookie swinging at 2-1, Seager on 3-0, Turner as I expected.

    1. As much as I like Mookie, he set a bad tone right out the box! Lead-off hitter can’t be swinging at 2-1 when the pitcher hasn’t established command yet! Then Seager swinging at 3-0 and of course Trea strikes out on ball 4. What else is new.

  6. I have really gained a lot of respect for Buehler in listening to his post-game interview. I used to consider him a bit arrogant. Really handled himself well.

  7. What is most disappointing is the Dodgers, despite all the injuries, still had enough talent to win it all. Atrocious identification of dangerous hitters to avoid, and idiotic defensive positioning (Lux in CF) cost the Dodgers chances of being the first team to repeat in over 20 years. Really tragic as it was all preventable.

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