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Dodgers NLDS: It’s Highly Unlikely We See Max Scherzer in Game 5

It’s do-or-die time for the Dodgers and Giants. After an incredibly hard-fought season that ended with just a game between the 2 NL West rivals, it all comes down to Game 5 of the National League Division Series. The winner moves on to play the Braves and the loser goes home disappointed in a season that saw them win 109 total games. 

Naturally, the Dodgers and Giants are both expected to have all hands on deck for Game 5. The only real exceptions would be Game 4 starters Walker Buehler and Anthony DeSclafani. But Dave Roberts also has one other guy that likely will not make an appearance. 

Doc had noted after the win on Wednesday that it was not impossible for Max Scherzer to make a relief appearance. He sort of backpedaled on that today during his media session, noting that it was unlikely for Scherzer to come in out of the bullpen. 

And that’s probably for the best. The Dodgers will enter Game 5 with a fully rested bullpen, so going to a guy that just threw 110 pitches on Monday seems less than ideal. Scherzer would also presumably be the Game 1 starter should they advance to the Championship Series, which starts on Saturday. 

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So while we will not see Mad Max behind Julio in this one, expect Doc to empty his bullpen if needed. Guys like Corey Knebel, Blake Treinen, Joe Kelly, and Kenley Jansen could also see work on a night that decides the future of the season. 


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  1. I wouldn’t say it’s out of the question. It would be Max’s scheduled side session anyway. I wouldn’t expect anything more than 3 outs. Either way, Dodgers have ample great arms to deploy if needed. This more of a psychological weapon.

    On another note…I just found a very disturbing fact. In the Advent the Dodgers do advance, they would not have home field advantage vs the Braves in the NLCS even though they have a better record! It’s due to their WC status. This is flat out stupid! This needs to change come the new CBA.

    1. Exactly! Math doesn’t seem to be a strength with whoever is calling this. Solution for next year is simple. Three division winners and two wild cards. Then break it down into seeds by record. The only problem is if say the fifth best record doesn’t get in. Eliminate a division winner? Maybe, but much better than the current situation…And add replay to ONE check swing per game…lol!

    1. Scherzer won’t come in, he’s pitching game 1. If Julio can go at least 5 we are gold. Wouldn’t be surprised to see 7 out of him, this is his type of game.

      1. Come on now people, admit it! I was the first on this board to write that Mad Max would pitch in game 5!

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