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Dodgers Officially Announce A.J. Pollock Signing

The A.J. Pollock signing was officially announced by the Los Angeles Dodgers on Saturday at Dodgers’ Fanfest 2019. Moreover, Dodgers Nation was present in the press room for the neat experience.

Here’s Pollock talking to Alanna Rizzo about becoming a Los Angeles Dodger.

Now, we follow that up with some of the highlights of the day at fanfest in regards to Pollock.

Dodgers Nation Coverage of A.J. Pollock Press Conference At Fanfest

The press room waiting for Pollock to arrive at the podium, a very neat moment and scene!

Pollock’s words on joining the Dodgers seem very genuine. Equally important was not just him speaking towards the winning culture – most players would feel that way on the heels of consecutive World Series appearances.

Pollock admitted that he and his agent were interested in the Dodgers through the entire free agent process.

The 31-year old centerfielder seems willing to do whatever it takes to win. Moreover, anything his manager asks of him; or wherever his name is penciled into the lineup card, he will be ready to roll.

Here is a picture of the marquee moment with Dave Roberts, Andrew Friedman, and Pollock. As you can see, the jersey Pollock will wear in 2019 and for the next three to four seasons is being held up.

Andrew Friedman Comments on A.J. Pollock

Pollock has faced his share of fluke-type injuries that have kept him from having All-Star caliber seasons perennially. Friedman downplayed the injury history of Pollock and said if it happens, the Dodgers have the depth and versatility for a ‘next man up’ mentality.

That leads well into our next tweet:

The standing of Cody Bellinger hangs in the balance. With Pollock on the roster, we have wondered where Bellinger’s permanent position will be. It appears it’s going to be a little bit of everything.

Overall, it was an exciting experience for Dodgers Nation to get to cover the A.J. Pollock announcement from FanFest. We hope you enjoy the snapshots from the moment!

Walker Buehler Talks About A.J. Pollock Signing

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  1. I liked this comment the most…………….he said he told his agent “Don’t lose the Dodgers I want to play there.”

  2. Also……..This is the first time I can remember a new Dodger free agent signing and having to defend himself for taking the place of someone else who doesn’t even play on our team………

  3. With Puig gone, for me, Bellinger is unquestionably the Dodgers best outfielder, even though he is also our best first baseman……(pretty funny, seems it was only yesterday people were telling me I was on drugs when I suggested they move Bellnger to the outfield)……my point is Pollock is the every day center fielder now………with Bellinger LF, Pollock CF and Verdugo RF, the Dodgers outfield is now one of the best in baseball defensively!

    1. Bluz1st, my only concern is what this moving around as far as positions go (OF…1st base) will do or what impact that has on Bellinger’s offense. I firmly believe part of his issues were not knowing if he was at 1st or OF each day. I still feel Bellinger is a 1st baseman for the most part.

      1. Hey Paul!
        With the addition of Freese then add in Muncy still being here, barring an injury to someone, Bellinger will probably play more outfield than infield. That’s just my guess. But let’s face, with Roberts platoon system I could be WAY wrong on that analysis. As for the effect on Bellinger, I have no idea if moving around like that is a negative for him. One thing I did find interesting, in the MLB channels shredder ranking segment last week, their computer model ranked him (Bellinger) as the 2nd best center fielder in ALL of baseball! Go figure, huh? (Pollock was ranked #7 by their shredder.)

  4. Pollock is no Harper! They tell us they didn’t want to sign Harper to a long term contract of 8-10 years because heaven forbid that would take him to 35 years old when his career is beyond his prime. But wait a minute….didn’t we just sign a guy for his 31-35 age seasons? Oh, I see, we just paid a guy for what is essentially the back end of his career, exactly what we were led to believe they didn’t want to do for Harper. THEY ARE ROBBING US BLIND!!! We continue to sell out games and pay $20 per beer and $50 for parking, but they can’t deliver a superstar player in his prime! I’m officially calling for a “Blue Out” where fans are asked to not attend the opening homestand. Let’s show the front office and ownership that this is unacceptable. We have a petition going with over 50,000 signatures in the LA area. #BlueOut…..join the cause. NOBODY ATTEND THE OPENING HOMESTAND!!!!

    1. Signing Harper is a lot different than Pollock’s 5 year @ 12 million average/year……..signing Harper requires 10 years @ 35 million average/year (supposedly)……at that dollar value Harper could hurt the Dodgers if he is injured or under performs for years to come…(insert Angels/Pujols here)….Pollocks deal is not going to keep the Dodgers from being able to add new talent to the Dodgers in the future if he is hurt or under performs. Also, signing Harper means Cody has to play center……..Pollock is the better fit here, both financially and to lineup flexibility.

  5. The point being if a players skill level has deteriorated by age 35 wouldn’t you rather be paying pollock 12m instead of harpers 35m… in 10 years fans will be calling harpers deal a mistake. FO can’t win!!

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