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Dodgers Offseason: LA Features Long List of Free Agents, Seager, Jansen, Kershaw and More

Unfortunately, the Dodgers ran out of grit and duct tape for the 2021 season. The team battled injury after injury along with spells of ineffectiveness all year long. Surprisingly, they were still able to win 106 games despite losing so many players to the injured list along the way.

Now, finally and almost mercifully out of the postseason after losing to the NL champion Atlanta Braves, the focus shifts to offseason mode for Andrew Friedman and the front office. First and foremost, the team will have to address its many upcoming free agent players.

Note, free agency doesn’t begin until after the World Series.

LA features 11 free agents, including several long-time key contributors to the club’s success.

Free Agents (MLB)

  • LHP Danny Duffy (did not pitch for LA)
  • LHP Cole Hamels (did not pitch for LA)
  • RHP Kenley Jansen
  • LHP Clayton Kershaw
  • RHP Corey Knebel
  • RHP Jimmy Nelson
  • 1B Albert Pujols
  • RHP Max Scherzer
  • SS Corey Seager
  • OF Steven Souza Jr
  • INF/OF Chris Taylor

Options and Opt Outs

  • Joe Kelly ($12M club option, $4M buyout)
  • Trevor Bauer (may opt out of the contract after the 2021 season, receiving a $2M buyout, with Dodgers deferring $20M of 2021 salary without interest, paid in $2M installments each Dec. 1, 2031-40 per Cots Contracts)


Of the biggest names on the list, it’s hard to prognosticate who is likely to return.

Seager is set to seek top dollar on the market as one of the premier shortstops in baseball. Reports have the 27-year-old looking for a deal north of $200M, which may be a bit too rich for the Dodgers to take on.

Jansen cemented himself once again as one of the top closers in the game in 2021. Coming off a 5-year, $80M deal, the 34-year-old could be seeking a 3-4 year deal which the front office might balk at.

Kershaw is wrapping up a 3-year, $93M extension but is also injured and opting for the rehab approach this winter after a PRP injection in his left forearm earlier this October. If the 33-year-old is willing to ink a team-friendly deal, chances are the Dodgers would be more than willing and ready to welcome back the franchise icon.

Taylor has been a massive cog in the success of the Dodgers over the last 5 years. Of any of the names listed above, the 31-year-old may be the most important free agent for Andrew Friedman and the front office. After losing Enrique Hernandez a season earlier, LA struggled to find the right utility compliment for CT3 in 2021. As the season trudged along, Taylor’s importance became even more of a spotlight for LA. Without him, they do not make the postseason. Give this man the bag, Andrew.

Final Thoughts

It’s set to be a long winter for the Dodgers and for baseball in general. With the collective bargaining agreement expiring in December, some or most free agents around the league may take their time in signing deals. For LA, the best bet, if possible, is to work fast and make deals happen early.

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  1. Won’t most free agents wait for the new bargaining agreement?
    Why would Bauer take his option and leave when no one will sign him! He’ll be on our payroll unless we csn void his contract. Only then can you consider re signing Schetzer. But I think another team will get him.
    1.Then sign Kershaw and Jansen to incentive laden contracts.
    2.Sign Taylor for sure.
    3.They won’t keep Seager and Turner. Sign Seager and trade Turner or keep Turner and let Seager walk
    4. Sign Knebel if he doesn’t want too much
    5. Keep Kelly? Resign Pujols? Tossup!
    6. Nelson, Duffy, Hamels all gone. Sick arms!

    1. Seager too expensive and will lessen $ for the remainder. Trea under contract through 2022. Pujols prob goes back to Cards for his farewell tour with Waino and Molina.

      Jansen Kelly, Knebel re-sign if push comes to shove last man out.

      CT3 are you kidding? Did we not learn anything from Kike and Joc?

      Scherzer bring back if feasible. Kershaw only if he can stay healthy.

      Find a good attorney to void the human dumpster fire. Maybe MLB helps out there.

      Tough decisions for FO for sure. But please whoever manages the team, LET THEM MANAGE! Quants will always come up short in October!

      Eddie Rosario? Really? Non-tendered by the Twins?? Geez!

    2. interesting choice between T Turner and Seager – I don’t think they can go wrong either way – Seager has more power and Turner hits for a higher average – MLB has suspended Bauer and the Dodgers should not be liable for his contract – Don’t most contracts have a morals clause? We do get May back next year so Scherzer is less of a priority – C Taylor is a must sign I would bring Pujols back, if possible – team should be good next year.’

  2. Keep Taylor,Seager,Kenley 2 years for less money,Most important let Roberts go he made too many dumb moves costing the nlcs but I know mgmt will keep Roberts

    1. Agreed but include Scherzer if he isn’t after a contract of more than a couple of years.
      Roberts the Clown is the reason we didn’t win the division and the NLCS. This Bozo has to go. We need a real manager.

  3. Dodgers will most likely let Seager go and take their draft pick from the team that picks him up. He’s a strong B+ player who is unable to play more than two-thirds of the year due to frequent injuries from which he takes longer than usual to heal. His contract should factor in that. His agent is Scott Boras who will do his job by playing Seager up as the second coming of Lou Gehrig, and he might even have Seager hold out until the 2022 season is underway before a deal is struck.

    I hope a deal will be struck with Jansen, maybe for two years with a club option for a third year.

    Kershaw is in the twilight of his career and might not be able to play more than a half season going forward, and he seems to know that. So, if he can’t make a deal with his hometown Rangers then I think he stays with a contract for one year with a club option for the second year.

    Pujols may be gone but might agree to a coaching and clubhouse role if the Cardinals can’t convince him to return for his farewell season.

    Scherzer ran out of gas once he got into October, and with Scott Boras as his agent, the Dodgers won’t bite on a contract that is more than one year with a year’s option.

    Agree that Chris Taylor is the unsung hero of the team year in and year out. Give him a three year deal and pay him, accordingly.

    Steven Souzs Jr.? OMG. Pack his bags with Billy McKinney and get those two Roberts favorites out of town on the next bus.

    1. Wtf happened to the Dodgers best pinch-hitter in 2021? Austin Barnes, completely forgotten man in 2021. One postseason AB! 2020 postseason 8-25! That’s .320! Geez. Maybe just maybe he could have done better than watching like a statue at strike three with one out and two in scoring position! What an egregious waste of talent!

      1. DF4L – it seems as though you and I are always on the same wavelength. In this case, Barnes. I kept asking myself, with runners on second and/or third, when is Roberts going to get Barnes up to the plate with his bunting prowess. For that to never happen is inexcusable and yet another reason I will never regret it when the FO dumps Ruin Our Chances Roberts. Little ball, which can be so effective in manufacturing runs, especially when a team constantly struggles to score them, never seemed to occur to Roberts the entire season.

        1. What I find so startling is that DR did just that with Barnes in game 6 of the WS in 2020! Barnes hit a HR and layed down the bunt in the same game. I think only one other such occasion in WS history if I’m not mistaken. Smh

        2. Richard, Austin Barnes is in the WS record books as only the 2nd player in WS history to hit both a HR and have a successful squeeze bunt in the same game! He did so in game 3’s 6-2 Dodgers win vs the Rays last year! Only other player to do so? Hector Lopez of the Yankees in 1961! Lopez was the LFer while Micky Mantle played CF and Roger (61 HR) Maris played RF.

          My guess is that Barnes might have done better than Souza as a pinch hitter in the 7th. Just sayin

      1. Roberts should have been fired 3 years ago but the Front Office will keep him so we are stuck with him.
        Seager told a reporter that he would like to stay in LA. Not sure they will have the money to keep him as the Yankees could use a SS with his offensive power.
        The Elephant in the room is Bauer and his huge contract. What happens???
        Don’t forget the Player’s contract is over for 2022. So there will be no draft pick compensation unless it is in the new deal and I do not think it will be kept in its previous format. The Player’s contract will be fought over Teams having minimum Budgets, Teams’ top budgets, draft compensation, and playoff format to name some of the largest issues.
        I believe there will be a bitter strike and it will delay or possibly cancel the 2022 season.
        I am guessing they re-sign Kershaw to a 2-year incentive-laden deal. Jansen a 2-3 year incentive deal also. They sign Taylor and will go after Scherzer. But the Bauer situation has to be clarified first and it all depends on the Union deal and the Team CAPS. Lux and especially Bellinger finally figuring their swing and pitch approach gives the Dodgers some latitude as Lux could be used as an outfielder with some winter training if they decide to sign Seager. I hope they sign Pujols he brings a veteran presence and shares his knowledge with everyone. It must be great to be mentored by a first ballot HOF player.

        1. interesting choice between T Turner and Seager – I don’t think they can go wrong either way – Seager has more power and Turner hits for a higher average – MLB has suspended Bauer and the Dodgers should not be liable for his contract – Don’t most contracts have a morals clause? We do get May back next year so Scherzer is less of a priority – C Taylor is a must sign I would bring Pujols back, if possible – team should be good next year.’

          we get May back next year also

  4. My moves and mine only:
    1. Stack up the bullpen first and foremost. Buyout J.Kelly and then re-sign for half of his option. Re-sign Knebel and Nelson – Knebel for sure. Give Kenley a blank check. Ferguson is coming back so not much else needs to be done with the bullpen.
    2. Look for some starters on the cheap. Try and re-sign Scherzer, and maybe Kershaw – depending on the length and price for both. Neither is worth what their last contract says, but both can still be valuable. With both Urias and Beuhler maturing, and the return of May, the rotation will be fine again. Not sure what to think about Bauer for now, might be better to let him opt-out. Maybe.
    3. Give both Taylor and Pujols blank checks. Let Seager walk unless he asks for something reasonable…given who his agent is, not likely.

    4. If I’m feeling a little FA itchy – go after Trevor Story. I’m not sure I trust T.Turner at SS and definitely not sold on Lux there either. Or, how about bringing Joctober and making him a 1B to platoon with Tio Albert. Just spitballing here now though.

    I’m actually looking forward to this offseason though. I think the Doyers will be a brand new team for 2022.

    1. SteveM – all reasonable thoughts. But I suspect the FO will just F-Up things. They did that last off-season by letting Kiki and Joc get away. “Mr Pearls” was my favorite player on the team and I’m at least glad to see he’s going to the WS. I won’t be watching any of this “Nothingness 2021 WS”, but you may find me wearing my old “Joc Pederson 31” T-Shirt the next couple of weeks. 🙂

    2. Reply to SteveM: Think about this:
      1. No way is Bauer opting out so the idea of “Letting him opt out” sounds a little ridiculous unless you’re talking fantasy.
      2. Scherzer’s agent is the Budget Buster SB so you can forget about him.
      3. Yes, the pen’s in good shape but you never know and want to look and see in spring training about Fergie. Janzen sould get the moon BUT will likely demand and deserve a pretty damned good 2-3 year contract.
      FINALLY, The Bauer thing is a sh*tshow and MLB should participate in the resolution; maybe we’ll all get lucky and the courts will get us off the hook (MY fantasy) the n Cory to 3B, TT to SS, Lux to 2B ( I AM sold on him; potential + his return from AAA in `21).

      PS. Jock cannot play 1B (tried & failed); you’re totally forgetting MM! (and Uncle A is goin’ home for last swing with his ole pals.)

  5. I am so disappointed in the Dodgers’ FO. Yes they have done much good in composing one of the most talented teams in baseball, conversely, they have made some of the worst decisions as well. Their constant desire to prove they were the “smartest guy in the room” ended the 2021 season short of what should have been the first repeat championship in over 20 years. What a shame! What a waste of talent.

    1. The Braves didn’t reach the .500 W/L record until Aug 6th! And somehow managed to beat the most talented team in baseball? Unthinkable! Dodgers should have won the NLCS 4-0! IMHO

      1. We were lucky to win 2 games, the top of the lineup and the satrting pitching sucked. We were carried by the bullpen and the 5-8 hitters, no way we win with that. I said before game 6 that unless we find a way to hit lefthanders, we were dead in the water coning from behind. Minter and Matzek killed us all series and in game 6—-4 perfect innings with 8 strikeouts. Of course many questionable decisions, like letting Buehler pitch to Rosario after walking the number 8 hitter and giving up a pinch hit double. The one that irks me the most is letting Souza bat at all, when is the last time that stiff even made contact, they could have put up Lux or even Barnes. Souza has no right being in the majors, much less a postseason roster. Once again poor decision making, miserable series for the starting pitching and the 1-4 hitters doomed the team.

        1. K-Foo – your comments sting but are spot-on. I could not believe what I was seeing regarding Robert’s decisions in this entire season – and season, for that matter.

        2. Koofoo what will forever escape me…how does someone go from making all the right decisions in the WC game, to making a couple of flubs but still winning the NLDS, to doing a complete face plant in the NLCS?? The decisions made in the NLCS just don’t match the pattern IMHO. That’s the most frustrating to me. It’s like Roberts/FO forgot their toolbox for the NLCS.

      2. The Dodgers essentially played playoff baseball for the month of September. They then played a one and done WC card followed by a 5 game set with the 107 win Giants. This while seemingly dropping a body a day. The baseball Gods – who were so generous last year – stubbornly challenged them this year and they simply ran out of gas. If anything exemplified the season perfectly, it was the last game of year. They had to use Buehler in game that turned out meaningless and cruelly lost Muncy to boot.
        I could nit-pick a team that won 106 games in a search for the guilty but I’d rather tip my hat to a gritty team that showed its mettle like a musician whose instrument strings were popping one at a time in the middle of a performance.
        I do not share the gloom and doom for the team going forward despite the number of key FAs. Regardless of any decisions, they will return a strong team with some talented youth a year or two away and AF is a proven expert at acquiring talent.

        1. Bum, I always appreciate your undying support for the team even though I often disagree. All this postseason did was confirm in my mind that last year’s bogus short season was a fluke and will always have an asterisk attached to the “Your Los Angeles Dodgers World Series Champions.” I watched all year long, including spring training games, for them to win a legit WS this year and so now we must all use the tired and pathetic “wait ’til next year” crap.

          1. Richard, tough to argue. Until the FO realizes that the quants will simply come up short every October due to their inability to measure intangibles, it will be forever “wait til next year!”

        2. Bum4…I have enjoyed our debates and appreciate your viewpoint. Why did AF not address the glaring weakness of 2021? The bench!

          1. Because at the start of the season there was no need. Edwin Rios was the backup infielder with Taylor, Beatty, and McKinstry for utility. Many trash McKinstry forgetting how effective he was before injury and I’m a big fan Rios. Moreover, Keibert Ruiz was expected to contribute in a pinch given Barnes’ ability to play infield.
            The team kept a lot of pitchers initially believing this season would be rough on arms. Turns out they were prescient. We all know about May, Gonsolin and Kershaw but forget Knebel, Nelson, Price all missed significant time while Victor Gonzalez and Scott Alexander contributed nothing. AF sifted through a number arms before discovering Vesia, Beckman, and, to a lesser extent, Clevenger.
            With a bloated payroll – thank you Bauer – AF was forced to look at option like Yoshi Tsutsugo and Sousa until he pulled the trigger for Scherzer and Turner. All in all, I believe AF made prudent moves and just ran out of fingers to stick in the dike. I’ll argue his moves against any team given payroll and injuries.

    2. I agree but include the imposter manager known throughout baseball as Roberts the Clown.

  6. Corey Seager’s postseason career:

    2015 NLDS .188
    2016 NLDS .130
    2016 NLCS .286
    2017 NLDS .273
    2017 NLCS didn’t play
    2017 WS .222
    2018 rehab
    2019 NLDS .150
    2020 NLWC .143
    2020 NLDS .364
    2020 NLCS .310
    2020 WS. .400
    2021 WC. .000
    2021 NLDS .238
    2021 NLCS .167

    Defensively he’s a brick wall with holes in it. Does his postseason record warrant a big contact? Not in my book! Let him walk. Use $ to re-sign PROVEN POSTSEASON PERFORMERS! CT3 comes to mind.

    1. Again, agree with you DF4L. One of those players with a magical mystique surrounding his name, but rarely lives up to it in postseason play where everything is under that microscope. His defense was average at best in the NCLS, and I expected more from him. It was painful to watch the incredible defense Atlanta flashed on the middle of the infield, and to watch our guys tank – but that should have been expected from what we saw during the regular season. It leaves me wondering what the FO will do with T Turner and Seager in the off-season.

      1. FO somehow finds ways to make headlines with apparently brilliant moves, while at the same time doing a really good job of sweeping their mistakes under the carpet.

        If I was ownership, I’d redo the FO. Alex Anthopolous did a much better job with the Braves even though the Dodgers managed to steal the headlines with the Scherzer/Turner deal.

        1. I would add that Farhan Zahidi has also outdone the Dodger FO with what Zahidi did taking a below .500 Giants team and turning them into a 107w team. Folks the facts are evidence that the Dodgers weakness is the FO and not Roberts!

  7. Austin Barnes is worthless other than an emergency backup catcher. I’d rather bring up someone from the minors and kick this piece of sh*t to the curb.

    1. Letting Barnes go might be an option if they had not traded
      Keibert Ruiz ( #1 catching prospect) . Seems no one thinks ahead.

    2. Austin Barnes as a pinch-hitter in 2021…7-25 with 2 doubles and 2 HR’s! Souza? I don’t even need to tell you!

      1. The math on 7-25 is .280 btw. And a successful squeeze in the 2020 WS too! Just sayin. Might have come in handy with 1 out and 2 in scoring position in the 7th down by 2…but what do I know? I’m just an old fert lol.

        1. Austin Barnes is in the WS record books as only the 2nd player to ever hit a HR and a squeeze bunt in the same game. He did it in game 3 vs the Rays last year. Only other occasion was 1961 by Al Lopez of the Yankees. Barnes went 8-25 .320 in the 2020 postseason. 2021 was 7-25 .280 as a pinch hitter. I most definitely think he was a better option than Souza in the 7th with 1 out and 2 in scoring position. A completely forgotten man with 1 postseason AB in 2021. Stupid if you ask me.

    3. But he blocks all those errant sliders and rarely does anything else get past him. Why does Kershaw always want him to be his catcher? Trust, that’s why. He makes smart calls. Not knocking Smith, but there were times Roberts should have had Barnes behind the plate and he didn’t.

      1. Richard, thank you. Guess I’m not only one who isn’t a Smith “is the greatest catcher in baseball” person. But I love his bat! There was a good reason Barnes did most of the catching in 2020 while Smith DH’d! It’s called DEFENSE!

        Ask yourself how many hits d’Arnuad had in the series? Not a single passed ball! Nuff sed!

      2. There is a reason so many catchers in baseball aren’t known for their bats…it’s called defense!

        Catcher is involved on every play in baseball. Not so for other positions! That’s why it’s imperative to have a great defensive catcher. If you can find one that can hit it’s a bonus!

    4. You can take your stupid, fact-less opinions and stick them where the sun don’t shine.

      1. You sound like a ‘real’ man behind you screen. How often do you get to eat cheetos
        for dinner? Huh big guy?

  8. It looks as if the NL will adopt the DH.

    If so, that alone will change the path forward for the Dodgers off-season plans…..

    The DH now gives the Dodgers to add another explosive bat to the lineup, it also allows them a landing spot for a position player to ‘take the day off the field’ and still be in the game.

    It will be fascinating to see how things unfold this off- season.

    But I do totally agree, Roberts has to go. Bump him up into the PR Department, he would thrive there.

    1. Doesn’t really matter who the manager is if the FO keeps insisting to rely upon metrics valuable over the course of 162, but fail to account for intangibles over the course of a given series! These metrics failed in identifying an unconscious performance by Eddie Rosario and act accordingly. Braves did a much better job in this regard.

      1. Eddie Rosario? Really? Non-tendered by the 3rd World Minnesota Twins in 2020! Dodgers “couldn’t figure him out!” If you can’t figure him out…walk his a$$!

      1. The DH should reduce the number of bad decisions Roberts makes per game, but he craves camera time so will find other ways to insert himself into the game. Roberts is already talking Souza for DH next year. “Brilliant”

    1. They completed the deal a few days ago, it was a low level minor league pitcher as I recall….

  9. I like Cory, but he will move on. That’s why They got T. Turner. I think KJ moves on also. Graterol and/or Trienan take closer job. Kersh goes to Texas. Kelly moves on. New catcher comes up as back up. Albert goes. Scherzer goes.

        1. Folks from what I’m reading there may not even be any baseball in 2022. Let’s hope the brain surgeons can figure something out!

  10. Following my previous, Taylor makes deal to stay and take big chunk of time at 3B. JT is winding down. Knebal might stay if price is right. Bauer will never pitch for LA. The lawyers will handle that. The rest of the guys on the list will not return.

      1. Pollock is aging and LF should be CT3’s domain IMHO. Belli and Betts already two gold glovers would make best outfield defensively bar none.

        Smith becomes 3Bman of the future unless he can learn how to catch…I know it’s not a popular stance here but he is a behind the dish disaster!

        For 2022, Seager goes to the Yankees. Trea at SS, left side taken care of. Right side, possibly $ saved from Seager could go after Freeman at 1B slide Muncy to 2B. Voila!

        Barnes can catch until Cartaya is ready.

        Bullpen keep everyone! Ferguson comes back to bolster lefty side.

        Starters: Extend Butane and Julio before prices get out of whack. Bring back Scherzer if feasible. Kershaw a really tough one. Depends on health. D May coming back maybe mid-season?

        Bench: Lux CT3 jr. Beaty ok. Zach McKinstry started off 2021 on fire then disappeared (injury I know). Might need a back-up catcher.

        My take for 2022.


        1. Yes, because he obviously doesn’t mind that much with being a platoon player, as long as he’s with a team that will contend. And he said this on a previous page here: Joc. I’d certainly consider bringing him back. But the Dodger bench was nothing short of being horrendous. CT3 IS A MUST TO SIGN!..

    1. IMHO

      LHP Danny Duffy (did not pitch for LA). let go
      LHP Cole Hamels (did not pitch for LA) let go
      RHP Kenley Jansen let go
      LHP Clayton Kershaw let go
      RHP Corey Knebel resign
      RHP Jimmy Nelson let go
      1B Albert Pujols let go
      RHP Max Scherzer resign and let him pitch more than 5 innings per game
      SS Corey Seager resign
      OF Steven Souza Jr here is a gem
      INF/OF Chris Taylor resign, and have him shorten swing, reminds me of Bellinger.

  11. Tough game last night. 1-2 to d’Arnaud with two outs and he walks. Next broken bat single followed by Rosario’s 3 run shot…. Then runners at 2nd and 3rd with no outs….In a nutshell, this has been the problem all along; timely hits with runners in scoring position. Inconsistent. We can blame everyone including Doc but in my view that’s not the problem, executing on the field was and we came up a little short in game 6.

    1. John, that’s my take too. Lack of execution and failure to avoid the danger hitters and act accordingly.

    2. Agreed.

      But knowing your team is somewhat struggling, revert to small ball…. squeeze play to throw them off a bit….. that comes from the dugout.

      I was watching the managers last night, the Braves manager was flashing signs from the dugout, never saw Roberts do it, but to be fair, maybe the camera’s never picked up that moment. Just sayin’….

    3. John, Arnaud getting a walk was the undoing of Buehler. he had him down with 2 outs, 2 strikes and couldn’t get him out. Its on Roberts why Buehler pitched to Rosario. Freeman facing a lefty at that point. Dodgers gave away that game. the entire team, org exhausted by 2 months of playoff baseball, decimated by injuries and if not for CT3, don’t even get out of the WC, let alone beat the gnats!

  12. With all the injuries this year, the Bauer situation, it’s incredible that this team won 106 games. So congratulations on that. Having to chase down the Giants the last two months of the season, took a toll on the team, as they usually have a 10 game lead by this time and we’re able to rest guys and get them ready for the playoffs. Not winning the division was key, as Winning the wild card game and the Giants in 5 on the road and then having to travel to Atlanta, was complete exhaustion and not having home field advantage. It’s hard to judge Robert’s, as the front office is just as guilty, as I believe they have strong influence on his decisions. It was the FA that created that game 5 pitching scenario and it destroyed them for the Atlanta series.

  13. Time to move on and start building next years team. The bullpen was absolutely fantastic. If we can keep most if not all of those guys with Kahnle healthy, the league will be shaking their collective heads…

    1. I concur. The Dodgers’ bullpen stepped up and (for the most part) exceeded expectation, specifically given the fact that the bulk of our starting pitchers were MIA much, if not most, of the season. All I know is that I want to see Taylor come back and with the contract that he more than deserves and earned. CT3 came through for our team time and time again throughout the regular and postseason, sometimes seeming as if he was a 1-man show. On the otherhand, putting injuries aside, some of the Dodgers simply underperformed and did not show up to make the most of opportunity. Last night, it was 4-2 at the top of the 7th inning with runners on second and third and 0 outs. That situation ends with, what I believe was, 3 consecutive strikeouts resulting in 0 run production. Moving forward…

      I love the Dodgers and look forward to seeing what changes are made for next season. Until then…enjoy the offseason everyone.

  14. The season was a challenge after the Bauer Coup’. FO did a excellent job of trying to fill the void of making bad decisions regarding the bench. Drrrrrrrrrrrr at times did well, but his Bias playing of Bellinger-Mckinney-and the rest of the 150 hitters burned up the pitching. Drrrrrr being arrogant, and like many others in the Org mis judged the Vagiants and Zaidi. Drrrrrr’s lack of playing or KNOWING how to play fundamental baseball allowed the offense to flop when it needed runs the most. The Pride factor appears to be the culprit, but when the Monster salary players flop, the manager HAS to step in and do what’s necessary to win. EVERY game leaving runners on 2nd base after lead off doubles because the manager fails to bunt, squeeze, sacrifice etc. IS the reason this team failed when it counted most. The Philosophy of this team needs to change if they ever want to win another championship. Drrrrrrrrr failed and burned up the pitching because of the anability to adjust to slow curves and sliders in the dirt that beat the Launch Angle Homer or nothing failures……

  15. The refusal to bunt a guy in from third in games one and two cost them the series. We had trouble hitting with RiSP in both games yet didnt bunt them in.

    1. Garvey, especially when we had the fastest man in the league at bat on a few occasions. The 3rd basemen were always playing back on the grass and just giving the dodgers the run. It trulymade me want to v.o.m.i.t watching them strand runners all season long..

  16. It’s my opinion that the Dodgers need a new manager. Dave Robert’s should not have pitched to the star hitter of the Braves in the tight spot Buehler was in. Just should have walked him and struck out Freeman. A huge huge mistake. One of many, in my opinion, that Robert’s made. Sending in Burns? Seriously with Barnes-a great pinch hitter on the bench- idiotic. So many options to choose and time after time choosing the least productive. Putting a hurt kid in the outfield and benching AJ Pollack. Definition of ridiculous.
    Just mistake after mistake. I felt his actions were inexcusable.

    1. If anything, you put another runner in scoring position with that move. Striking Freeman out is not an easy task especially the way he uses all fields. The key out was d’Arnaud and the next hitter. After that, good luck.

    2. I have gone on record here as defending Roberts on numerous occasions. Even as one of his staunchest supporters, I too have to give him a thumbs down on in game management in game 6.

      Rosario had already proven himself to be too dangerous in that given situation. Freeman, no bargain either, still would have been a better choice to pitch to!

      1. I hear you, either way we were screwed. Ever wonder how a mid level player couldn’t miss against Dodger pitching over and over? As if he was superhuman ….. will leave it at that…

        1. John, it was all about pitch sequence unfortunately. Rosario was sped up. Trained for the speed. They didn’t change location OR speed. I know this will not sit well with many…this is actually on Smith! Barnes would not have made that mistake IMHO! Barnes caught the majority of games during the 2020 postseason while Smith DH’d. I know the Smith lover’s will lambaste me, but IIWII.

          1. That is so true. Even Orel commented on the postgame show what an experienced catcher would have done in that situation to offset the hitter’s rhythm. Can’t give identical pitches in same location consecutively to a hot hitter without offsetting his timing. Should have called time, discuss the next best pitches, make the the batter think about it and break his rhythm. Rosario was totally zoned in and hit mode all the way. An experienced catcher like a Molina or Posey would call time and talk about it.

          2. Did anyone notice how during the Giants series every time they closed in on Posey, you could see him looking at the batter first before putting down a sign? This is the sign of a veteran catcher! Smith is not! Doesn’t know how to call a game, block a pitch, accept a throw, apply a tag! But the kid flat out rakes!

            I’m sorry but up the middle defense was the Dodger killer in the NLCS!

          1. At least Bucky Dent was a one game fluke! Not a series apparent unconscious player! Just sayin

          1. I’m sure at some point we will find out Rosario was juiced.

  17. Going or gone – Roberts, Hamels, Jansen, Nelson, Seager, Souza Jr, . Should get offer to stay – Kershaw, Knebel, Pujols. Must get new contract – Taylor, Sherzer, Kelly.
    Biggest acquisition to accomplish – S Ohtani !

    1. I believe Seags stays. He’s shortstop on the best team in baseball. If money is more important, then Freeman makes sense. Muncy back to second. Resign Jansen as well, he figured it out and is a force. And know that the Giants will be watching every move we make.

      1. John, Seager would be a waste of $ and unnecessarily weaken the remainder of the team. If 2021 didn’t prove anything else, it’s invaluable to have a top notch bullpen! Baseball is changing, the value of a starter diminished almost entirely. Anyone “filthy” should be retained. Jansen, Kelly, Knebel. The latter being the odd man out if push comes to shove. Graterol the closer of the future.

        I like the idea of bringing Freeman home to his roots. Slot Muncy at second and Trea at SS. Voila! Outfield of Pollock/CT3, Belli and Betts oh my! Teach Smith how to catch or make him the 3Bman of the future. Hello WS

        Starters? Who cares they’re worthless now in 21st century baseball! Well almost. Extend Butane and Urias before prices get completely out of whack. Bring back Mad Max if feasible. Kershaw is tough, depends on ability to stay healthy. Piece the rest together with younger choices. Mitch White and Andre Jackson show great promise.

        All-in-all, foreseeable future still looking pretty good for Dodgers I think.

        1. Geez I left out the Dodgers’ most glaring weakness! THE BENCH! Lux is a CT3 in the making possibly, still really young. Beatty pretty decent. Zach McKinstry was really good to start the year then just fell off the map. I know he got injured but if he returns to form could be good too. Just no Billy McKinney, Steven Souza type players anymore ok? Pujols probably goes back to the cards for his farewell tour.

        2. The future is excellent for the Dodgers. This team if healthy would’ve run the table. Having May and Bauer in the rotation changes everything, and we still almost pulled it off. Pen is solid add Kahnle. Now imagine, Sherzer, Bueller, Urias, May, Duffy and Kershaw next year. If they can just stay healthy forget about it.
          On offense, Taylor gets signed period. That leaves Seags. I’m a chemistry guy so I want him signed. And at catcher, let Cartaya compete next year and see what happens.

  18. Hard to imagine the Dodgers signing Seager due to the $200+ million contract Boras will get for him elsewhere. My guess is they will let Jansen walk. Between Treinen and Graterol they are set with late inning closing options. I can see signing Knebel and opting out on Kelly’s contract. Kershaw likely gets a team friendly contract as he won’t command much on the market with his injury concerns. Scherzer is likely gone, and they will opt out on Bauer. The most important free agent on that list to sign is Chris Taylor – plays several positions well and a strong lineup presence. With the NL likely adopting the DH it will allow Justin Turner to rest and open up roster options for other FAs. Kris Bryant would be a nice addition with big bat and position flexibility. They will need to address the starting rotation. Will be an interesting off season.

  19. I Love the Dodgers and want to see them succeed at ALL times. I despise Drrrrrrrr and the way he manages this 275 million dollar team. Time to find a Baseball Strict manager who doesn’t play favorites and understands fundament baseball.

    1. Kirk, my take is it doesn’t matter who the manager is if the FO won’t let whoever is there manage! The quants will win out over 162 and come up short every October! The quants can’t measure the intangibles!

      1. The Braves did a much better job of identifying key hitters and or situations and act accordingly! Only way a far less talented team could prevail in the series. That and the atrocious lineups! Sacrificing defense for offense when pitching and defense when titles pfft!

      2. Rays are the quant poster child. Imploding there chances in 2020 by yanking Snell when was untouchable. Two batters later Dodgers have the lead. Another face plant this year after winning game 1 AND a 5-0 lead in game 2 AT HOME!

        Use the metrics during the regular season, then throw them in the garbage come October…they just don’t mean much then. All they do is give you a false sense of security. Still need to audible on the fly. IMHO

    2. Like Bruce Bochy? Grab him before the Padres hire him. Look what old school school Dusty Baker has done for the A$$tros. Uncle Dave has to go. Padres dropped Jayce Tingler like a hot potatoe

      1. Jayce Tingler had no business managing in the 1st place. But that’s a completely different subject. No way Dodgers hire a Giants guy!

  20. Folks, I can only say that what HAS to get better is Dodgers, LH and RH hitters both must be better against LHP. That deficiency was really exposed in this NLCS, among other things already mentioned here in these comments.

      1. That was one instance. What happened in game 6? I’m talking about over a whole year and post season. Still a glaring weakness that all Dodger broadcasters talked about many an occasion.

        1. Game 6? Dodgers waved the white flag! The purpose they played with in game 5 was basically non-existent in Game 6…maybe it got lost on the plane ride over. Who knows. No energy whatsoever. Truly disappointing.

  21. Top priotities to lowest:
    1. Albert Pujols
    2. Corey Knebel
    3. Scherzer
    4.Trea Turner
    Corey Seager
    6. CT3
    8. Kershaw

    Tossup Kelly

    Get rid of trevor bauer
    Leave the rest

  22. FWIW, Joc Pederson said he wanted to stay with Dodgers but they never made him an offer. He went on to say that OK if he’s going to be a platoon player, he wants to be on a team that will contend. IDK, but if that’s the case, I’d bring him back on 2022.

  23. BTW it’s well known that Freeman wants to remain with the Braves, so he’s not a FA option. The broadcasters in the NLCS, who BTW were a bit biased towards the Braves, talked about hoe Freeman wants to finish his career with the Braves.

    1. I could see that too. In that case Muncy at 1B and Lux at 2B if he can keep the job. He’s got enough talent.

  24. The Dodgers need to Out bid the Vagiants and pick up Chris Bryant. He solves 2 huge glaring weaknesses the Dodgers have. Great hitter, contact consistent and a excellent defender. He can play multiple positions. He would solve the JT burn out syndrome and also the bench outfield problem. Bryant IMO WAS the reason the Vagiants beat us down the stretch. He was always on base against our pitching as well, and ours was pretty good. He’s clutch and deserves big money if he asks for it.

    1. Yes, I was pushing for him at the trade deadline where JT was already showing signs of wear and tear and Cody was having his troubles at the plate. He would have been the 3 hole bat to hit against both lefties/righties and play 3rd or the outfield, but people were criticizing me because he was a rental. He would have been the rental for Lux and Jackson which the Cubs wanted to go for youth. Imagine if he was in that lineup!

    2. If CT3 walks, then Bryant when be a good substitute. I’d prefer CT3 though. Not many guys with as big a postseason record as CT3! It’s absolutely unimaginable the FO doesn’t re-sign him!

  25. – LHP Danny Duffy – He’s good, but if they re-sign Kershaw and Scherzer, the rotation won’t have room.
    – LHP Cole Hamels – Let him go.
    – RHP Kenley Jansen – KEEP.
    – LHP Clayton Kershaw – KEEP (in the right terms).
    – RHP Corey Knebel – KEEP.
    – RHP Jimmy Nelson – KEEP.
    – 1B Albert Pujols – I’d love to keep him, but he deserves to play more (as DH in the AL). And Beaty deserves more space.
    – RHP Max Scherzer – KEEP.
    – SS Corey Seager – I don’t know. Too expensive. His health playing SS is a concern. And Trea Turner (SS) and Gavin Lux (2B) sounds good to me (Lux should be a starter).
    – OF Steven Souza Jr – I like his last name, but no.
    – INF/OF Chris Taylor – KEEP.

    – Joe Kelly – He pitched well, but there’s a lot of options. Try to keep, but no a priority.
    – Trevor Bauer – I don’t want to see him associated with the Dodgers again.

    Smith, Barnes;
    Muncy, Beaty;
    Lux, Trea, another 2B/SS;
    JT, Ríos (but try to sign someone else to compete);
    Betts, Bellinger, CT3, Pollock, McKinstry;

    Scherzer, Buehler, Kershaw, Urías, May, Gonsolin;
    Graterol, González, Treinen, Knebel, Vesia, Kahnle, Nelson, Bickford, Kelly, Phillips, Cleavinger, Ferguson, Bruihl, Jansen;
    and Andre Jackson, Mitch White.

    The bullpen is a solution. The rotation depends on the return of Scherzer and/or Kershaw.

  26. Folks let’s look at the NL playoff teams in review:

    2021 St. Louis Cards mid-season record if I’m not mistaken below .500. FO makes some non splashy moves adds Jon Lester and AJ Happ to bolster left handed starters. Goes on a franchise record 17 game win streak.

    2021 SF Giants. 2020 below .500. Farhan Zahidi does his usual magic and turns them into a 107w team which zaps most the Dodgers’ strength trying to keep up.

    2021 Atlanta Braves. Yes 2020 NLCS loser, but 2021 under .500 until Aug 6th! Alex Anthopolous (also AF underling) re-does entire outfield at trade deadline. WS appearance!

    Common thread here? Each teams’ FO outdid the vaunted Dodger “Headline stealing” FO!

    It is the FO that must go, not Roberts IMHO

  27. Resign Scherzer and Taylor. Sign Kris Bryant as a free agent. And most importantly, please fire Roberts.

  28. Corey Seager has probably engaged a realtor in New York already, he doesn’t have positional flexibility and Dodgers of course are big on thag. That’ll be OK Turner to SS and Lux on second is a solid infield. Definitely need to keep Chris Taylor. Since he can play anywhere they need him whenever injuries bite.

  29. Great one Eddy. Totally agree. My addon: keep Jansen (reinvented lights out!) as well as much of the pen… opposed to the bench.

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