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Dodgers Offseason News, Notes, and Rumors; and Sending our Love to Tommy | Blue Heaven Podcast

Right off the bat, we send our love and prayers to Tommy Lasorda and the entire family of the Dodgers legend. In other news, the guys praise the Marlins for their hiring of long time Dodger executive Kim Ng. Moreover, Kim made history as she shattered the glass ceiling while making Clint feel old at the same time.

Next, the Padres lost ace Mike Clevinger to Tommy John surgery, setting up a conversation we had last week with former Dodger and Padre Adrian Gonzalez about San Diego’s needs if they’re ever going to beat the boys in blue.


Additionally, the new MLB Hall of Fame ballot was revealed, allowing Brook and Clint to reveal their old unofficial ballots.

In an offseason hot stove update, the guys discuss some more murmurs around Nolan Arenado and Kris Bryant, as well as gauge a potential contract for Justin Turner.

Finally, Clint plays GM for a day and things get weird almost immediately.

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