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Dodgers Offseason: There’s an Issue With Carlos Correa’s Introduction in SF

Perhaps the window to bring Carlos Correa to the Dodgers has reopened. While that remains a long shot, the biggest story in baseball at the moment belongs to the Giants and Correa who was unable to attend a scheduled introduction press conference after it was found out that he failed his physical.

At the moment, there’s no information of what the issue is with the shortstop but it should be noted that the 27-year-old has had a history of back issues. So, perhaps this comes as little surprise. However, on the heels of a bank-breaking contract, this can light up the baseball world in more ways than not.

It’s pretty much guaranteed that Correa will still end up on the Giants but it’s something worth keeping an eye on for the NL West rivals. If Correa ends back up in the open market in someway, there’s little indication that shows he’d be offered anywhere close to his original contract.

Of course, this all remains speculation for now until more information comes of the severity of Correa’s back. When seemingly healthy, Correa proves to be one of the top shortstops in the league and remained a serious option for contenders.

While the Dodgers chose to stay away, Correa remained a name heavily linked to the team. With how things have turned out so far, it looks like the Dodgers dodged multiple bullets.

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  1. The Dodgers would have been hella stupid for signing this guy @ a dumb contract like what the Giants signed him for.Knowing how the fan base or folk like me strongly felt.Go ahead keep Correa back issues or not goody for him…we dont want that turd over here. Us Dodgers faithfuls gone be alright. It’s all graaavy baaaby…!!!

  2. I remember some guy that came over to our site. He must have been a Cheat-stros fan troll or something. But anyways, he kept bragging on so much about Houstons road record was good during their so called title run in 2017. I told the guy why cheat then if you claim your road record was so phenomenal. The point is the Houston fans should be mad @ AlexCora that other no good cheatin’ turd for pulling that stunt. And again if I hear one more fkkkk’n non- Dodger fan tell my fanbase to get over it…imma let them have it. Don’t care who u are. We die Big Blue over here. I been @ this @ the very age of 12. Now I’m 48…just try me. Raise ur hand when u wanna ask a question.

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