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Dodgers: Once A Top Prospect, Yadier Alvarez Makes His Return to the Cactus League

It’s been a long and winding road for the Dodgers’ Yadier Alvarez. Once signed for $16 million, Alvarez took a leave from the team due to a number of issues. One of those was lack of attendance which got him placed on the restricted list back in 2019.

Alvarez, much to the surprise of Dodgers fans, unexpectedly showed up around camp less than two weeks ago. And now, we will finally see him get into game action. The number eleven prospect in their system last year, Alvarez showed that he can touch 101 mph on the radar gun, though control has always been an issue. He issued 44 walks in just 55 innings during the 2018 season.

While the behavior problems are hopefully behind him, the Dodgers also likely face the decision of adding him to the 40-man roster. It was reported this week that in order to get Alvarez into action, Los Angeles would have to complete that move prior to pitching in a game. It is unclear if that stands, or if a move has been made yet.

If the Dodgers manage to get him turned around, Alvarez could be a huge weapon out of the bullpen. With 100+ potential, hitters wouldn’t stand a chance against the trio of Alvarez, Blake Treinen, and Joe Kelly late in games with Kenley locking it down.



    1. Hello, Azul!!!! I have been waiting for Alvarez to come around and join the real world. Lets see what happens. Who knows? Besides, with Jimmy Nelson shut down, another pitcher who can hit 100mph might be welcome. Hope all is well with you, PD Jr., and that fantastic record collection. Have a great weekend. Go Blue!!!

    1. Actually hitters will be drooling to hit against that trio, based on there recent historie. And kenley doesnt scare anyone anymore. Stick to hockey brook.

  1. Yup. Always nice to stockpile “prospects” and never trade them for known established players

    1. If Alvarez’s head still isn’t screwed on right, you’ll probably get your wish for trade. I just don’t know who will be looking to trade for a headcase who can’t find home plate or the ballpark itself, except when it suits. He’s got alot to prove before he has any real value to anyone.

    2. Dumbest statement i’ve literally ever seen on here Glenn. PLEASE stick to your day job.

  2. Amazing how 101 mph can toss logic out the window. I guess they hope by giving him this chance he’ll possibly turn the corner, become a good citizen, and actually produce. Wishful thinking IMO.

      1. Thanks, like we needed ‘racism” thrown into the mix. He meant the guy would quit being a problem with his good “citizen” blast. He needs to do something because what he has been doing hasn’t worked.

      2. My comment is based solely on his behavior and performance as a player while in the Dodger organization. You sir are actually the racist for your bigoted twisted interpretation. Perhaps you would benefit from self reflection.

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