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Dodgers: One Expert Sees a Perfect Fit for Joc Pederson With Another So Cal Team

Dodgers fans have come to love Joc Pederson since the time he was drafted by LA back in 2010. His meteoric rise through the organization culminated in a promotion to the big leagues in 2014. But it wasn’t until 2015 that the organization knew what he was fully capable of. 

Joc showed up in 2015 and popped off 26 homeruns while demonstrating a keen ability to draw walks. While his strikeout rate was pretty high, his ability to get on base and hit balls a long way was great for what the Dodgers needed. 

And now just 5 years later, Dodgers fans might have to say goodbye to Joc. Pederson is currently a free agent with few signs that he will be returning back to Los Angeles. In fact, former MLB general manager Jim Bowden listed him as a perfect fit for the Anaheim Angels. More on that from Bowden at The Athletic

His left-handed bat would fit perfectly as a fourth outfielder and back-up designated hitter on days that Shohei Ohtani pitches. He’d also help keep Justin Upton’s legs fresh by playing once or twice a week in left field.

The funny thing is that the Dodgers and Angels had a deal in place in February to send Joc to Orange County. Instead, Angels owner Arte Moreno grew impatient and pulled the plug on the deal. But Joc fits everything that the Angels need, including a bat to fill in for Ohtani on days that he gets the ball.

Dodgers Outlook 

The only real question with the Angels is whether they will be able to pay Joc. Pederson was set to make $7.5 million before the pandemic took over, and he will likely earn much more in free agency. If Anaheim is able to offer him a decent deal, there would be no reason for the Dodgers to try to top it at this point. 

Regardless of where he ends up, Dodgers fans will always remember Joc for his postseason heroics. Pederson had some huge hits throughout his time in Los Angeles, and when he leaves, he gets to leave as a World Series champion. 

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  1. The perfect spot for Pederson is — drum roll — the Los Angeles Dodgers. Using him in a platoon with Pollock, give Mookie a game off per week, and DH against LH pitching. Joc’s career wRC+ against RH pitching is 128; that is an All Star worthy runs created stat. He is popular in the clubhouse, and will not adversely hurt the Dodgers payroll.

    1. He’d be fine for the Dodgers, but the Dodgers would be imperfect for Joc, who understands they are not going to just play Pollock against lefties for the 18M they be paying him this year, and coming off a solid season. Joc is in the prime of his career, and I’m sure looking to be more than just a bench piece.

      1. Pollock’s AAV is $12M, with a 2021 salary at $15M (according to Cots baseball contracts and Fangraphs roster resource), then a $10M salary in 2022. The Dodgers know that Pollock is a much better hitter against left handers. In 2019 Joc had 514 plate appearances in that type of role. For me, I would much rather see the Dodgers trade Pollock, and use Taylor/Joc in LF.

        1. 2019 was BB [before betts]. I was never a big fan of the Pollock acquisition, but they are probably stuck with him, and hopefully he looks more like last season than 2019 version. As it stands, I think Joc will look for a team that has those 500 plate appearances for him, maybe he signs for one year, and tries to boost his profile after a bad year. Not sure what his market value is at the moment with MLB in a weird money time.

  2. Angels wouldn’t pay fan favorite Kole Calhoun who signed with Arizona for 2 years 16M, he is a Joc comparative, but plays every day, so why would they pay Joc? Especially when they could have had him for almost free last year, and nixed on it.

  3. Joc would help the Angels. He is a solid defensive outfielder, a power bat, and reportedly a positive clubhouse presence.
    That said although the Angels have a new GM not sure Artie will admit he made a mistake by not taking Joc and Stripling for almost free last year. Artie has been brilliant in his real estate deals with Anaheim making millions but truly dumb in his player picks.

    1. Joc wouldn’t be a fourth outfielder cause Upton is 33 years old and he’s been a starter all his career with a 265 average and never hit more than 31 hrs. Well Joc hit 36 platooning and I’m sure if given chance to play everyday he can hit 260 or better with over 47 hrs easy and over 100 rbis. Roberts and Friedman are crazy about sibermetrics and even hall of fame players like Mike Schmidt and Reggie Jackson would have been platooned under these two.Just look back and see these last 5 years every time Joc is in a groove hitting like 3 or 4 hrs in 3 straight games maybe with 7 hits in 19 at bats and then gets benched because Dodgers are facing a lefthander.Joc has more patience and when given a chance against a lefthander he’s making contact grounding out or flying out and a few hits but any hitter will cool down if he gets benched after being hitting good in 3 games then to the bench.Joc needs to sign 1 or 2 year contract then after showing he can play everyday go for 5 year 150 million contract,I know he can do it and loosing 15 pounds will give him a faster swing less strikeouts.

  4. If I am Joc, I look to Miami or one of the smaller markets, Pitt etc where they would just let me play against ALL FREAKING PITCHING, Heck he batted well against lefties in the minors but never had a full season to Practice against lefties on the Dodgers…I would hope the Dodgers would keep Joc, but they won’t…Dodger’s have always had the idea that’s better to trade a player sooner than later….
    Joc, thank you for being a great Dodger….

  5. Bowden is making more sense lately. Hendriks or some other shutdown closer is the most pressing need for the Dodgers right now. Bowden was right about that. And yes, Pederson would be an ideal lefty complement to Trout and Rendon from the right side. Moreno knew this last year before he blew a brain gasket. With that said, I like Pederson, especially in the postseason, where he ups his game. I think the platoon with Pollack in LF still works. If Friedman wants the RHB he mentioned in addition to the bullpen help (we still need that closer), he should look to 2B and the hole we have had there for years. LeMahieu is the top gun who could fill that spot. 5 years and $100M is not unreasonable, and DJ is kind of a utility infielder as well, which would offset the loss of Hernandez. Lux would just be another left handed bat in a lefty heavy lineup, even if he finally figures out how to play baseball at the MLB level.

    1. You’re crazy Dodgers don’t need to spend 100 million on a 34 year old infielder need to save that money for Seager,Bellinger,Urias and Buhler.We have plenty guys to fill in 2nd base.All we need is a closer

  6. It will only work if the national league keeps the DH. Then you could have JTNDH against left-handed pitchers and JC against right handed pictures. Josh cannot play the field anymore. He is an adventure. Turner has maybe one year left at third and then the other boys move in so that Turner and Rios rotate just as Peterson would. You must sign Turner for two years only

    1. Exacyly what’s holding hostage some roster decisions. DH DECISION. This should have been decided after the WS was over, but we are stuck with a very incompetent Commisioner. What happens with Joc I believe hinges somewhat on the DH happening or not.

  7. Joe is without question a productive player.. However, within his capacity, the Dodgers have more than enough bats and with them players that can run faster.. Without question he will place with another team but I believe its a little disingenuous to say where…

  8. I’m surprised Padres aren’t interested in Joc now that they can have him at 10 or 12 million for 1 year he’s the lefthanded power hitter to compliment Machado and tatis to keep making post season.

  9. Pederson or Rios? They’re the same hitter though Rios hasn’t yet proven he can’t hit LHP like Joc. Rios also plays a position of current need and costs 570K vs 10M. This is pretty simple. Joc’s had some big playoff moments that we all appreciate and I wish him well but I won’t miss the many ofers with 3 Ks in games during the season.

  10. As huge of a Joc fan as I am, I don’t think we need him going forward. He hit lefties well in ABQ in the minors but so did Greg Brock. He has earned a shot at 500ab’s in the American League as he can’t play in the field the way he did as a minor leaguer.

  11. joc is always blue the best. he plays with the love. of the babe. smile of sunshine. please stay blue if it is the best for you. and your family. you are a world series sunshine. its not the same without you. Just get to keep up. how good you are. not sitting on the bench. talent is never forgotten. This year has been pretty crazy. you made alot of faith . and good baseball. love the way you play and carry all that you do.. where ever you are. you always remain my favorite. fan joanie.

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