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Dodgers: Orel Hershiser Goes Off on the Astros’ Cheating Scandal

It’s no secret that everyone within the Dodgers organization has feelings about what the Astros cheated them out of in 2017. Up until now, we’ve only been able to hear a few players comment, nothing unfiltered or raw reactions. 

Joe Davis and Orel Hershiser are best known as being a part of the ‘Booth Boys’ that make up the Dodgers’ play-by-play team. But during this hiatus, they started recording a podcast called “Off Air w/ Joe and Orel”.

In the latest episode, we got to hear Orel’s opinions on the Astros cheating scandal, and it was emotional. 

If (Dave) Parker, and (Jose) Canseco, and (Mark) McGwire knew what was coming, I would be a chihuahua, not a bulldog. And it’s just emotional to me because ’88 changed my life, and this should have changed those guys’ lives, they’re champions in my mind. 

Hershiser was talking about guys like Clayton Kershaw, Justin Turner, and Kenley Jansen who should have had their lives changed forever by a 2017 World Series win. Instead, they’re left to always wonder what could have been if not for the Astros. The Dodgers went seven games with the Astros in that series.

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When Hershiser got on the subject of Kershaw’s numbers at home versus on the road in the World Series, he went off. 

It’s unbelievable. it’s not even the same game and it proves it…all of a sudden they’re that much better at home? That just tells you, that’s just the hugest red flag…even if you don’t understand baseball…

If you have not yet, give the full episode a listen here. The things that Hershiser has to say about the scandal really was eye-opening for the Dodgers player’s side of things, and will almost certainly make you feel for these guys even more. 

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  1. Comissioner just as bad or worse cause he could actually do something about it but refuse to do the right thing.

    1. Absolutely correct.. The commissioner’s behavior was/is unacceptable.. The fans deserve better.

      1. The Comish, is trying to avoid Killing baseball like the Black Sox Scandal….anybody hearing anything on Boston???…Take away their Titles…Lifetime ban…Then make them listen to Tiny Tim records for 20 hrs a day for a Year…

  2. beautiful take in how this affected the game. Nobody mentions that gambling could well be part of it. Players bet on games and/or pass on info to the gambling world. you have to be naive to the point of being a simpleton to deny it is in the game even after Pete Rose.

    Ifva player wears jewelry (heretical sacrilege) while playing. It would be very easy to make items which had radio receivers. Then could vibrate in patterns to convey a message. MLB has LONG needed to ban all jewelry while playing anyway. simple cell phone running an app with someone sitting in the bleachers and viola. They so not need video in the clubhouse.

    Not being paranoid or conspiratorial at all. Simply looking at just how easy teams can cheat if they so desire. One player could do it without anyone else on the team to go along. So it’s about player & team integrity. I almost don’t blame the players given the added MILLIONS of dollars success under the lights brings. But what’s the difference between a $150M contract and a $200M contract in real world terms. Either is beyond enough to fund generations of a family. But greed rules gor so many…

    Hersheiser nails so much of the cascade of destruction of the sports.

    Fun aside, ya just gotta love Hersheiser talks about calling is own game…now THAT is awesome, catchers are stoopid and the only the thing catchers know about hitting is they can’t do it. Ask Steve Carlton he might have an opinion or two in reference to Tim McCarver, that was so funny. Though i guess these days the bench is calling the pitches…

    1. That’s very interesting. There’s also special technology that the average person has no idea about that’s used in pro sports to manipulate outcome and there’s people disguised as fans in the stands sometimes using it. It’s been going on longer than some may think they’ve kept certain advanced technology a secret from the public for many decades. The Kirk Gibson homerun was a lie there was special technology at hand, there is no way anyone who is injured like that and takes that kind of swing hits it anywhere close to where he did just to give you an idea as to how long this has been happening. The modern postseason games of the last 20+ years are more fake than ever before

      1. Your so right! There’s even a technology that will slightly slow down a pitched ball, like pulling a string. It’s being used for the swing and miss. And there I a tree fsrm(I won’t say where) that is growing DNA altered trees to make bags with. The wood is strong and light and increased speed off the bat by 10%.
        Hey Don, you seem like a smart guy. Wondering if you can help me reconfigure the oxy plasters in my audio spectrum analyser. I think the sporadic digits are misaligned creating a spatial feedback loop.

      2. So the Kirk Gibson technology was a result of “advanced technology?” Like a ghost simply carried the ball off his bat into the right field stands. OK. If you say so. I believe men from Mars are manipulating America’s Pastime and in full control of the game too. Just thought I’d chime in with MY conspiracy theory, why don’t I?

          1. Who’s truth? I’m gonna take a wild guess and say you’re probably a big fan of Alex Jones.

    2. Grumpy, I also want to add that the technology Is only used to make the impossible happen or to manipulate what a ball does if needed, but there’s also straight up scripting that the players are in on and practice. Watch the 2011 World Series film on YouTube. There’s a behind the scenes part from pre game practice before game 6. Nelson Cruz was doing drills that mimicked the exact play that involved David Freese in that game and everyone was just laughing it up while he was doing it

  3. Since the 2017 WS, MLB seems like Spring Training to me. It’s hard to take it seriously. I mean, It’s fun to watch, but you just can’t trust it anymore. Manfred was able to, single-handedly, bring legitimacy to boxing and WWE wrestling, when comparing it to MLB.

    1. Sad to say but I agree with you. The “integrity of baseball” has ALWAYS been a BS phrase. With astronomical money involved, rather than improve the game MLB seems to be flinching (YOU GUESED IT, to big money) and conducting cover ups or band aids to major problems.

    2. I hate to tell you this has been going on for decades. If MLB investigated every team as thoroughly as they did the Astros they would find no innocent teams. Some teams just carry cheating further than others. It’s time to move forward.

  4. Throw them the bowtie. And I thought they were really good at laying off breaking pitches.

  5. Orel, I will forever curse the Houston Astros for what they robbed from my daughter. She was a lifelong fan, moderated an online fan club (screen name TommyBurger) and would have truly been over the moon with a World Series championship in 2017. They robbed her of this elation and she passed away last December 26 after fighting lymphoma for 5 years. She had tickets on which she used her meager funds and faithfully kept score for each home game. Her scorebooks are a treasured memory for me, even the WS loss. I will also forever thank the Dodgers and especially Joe and Orel for helping her through those tough times.

    1. I’m just a “regular, run-of-the-mill” Dodgers fan. My heart goes out to you, Kerry Cababa, don’t think I could ever get through that.

    2. this is the most pathetic thing i think i’ve ever seen on the internet.

      dodgers stole signs too chief. sign stealing is as much a part of baseball as the bases and the umps. get over it

  6. Its enraging to see Jose Altuve rounding third and screaming to his teammates – “don’t tear off my shirt ” because he was wearing a wire. All of them should be banned for at least 2 years, and the title awarded to the Dodgers. That’s how you right this wrong.

    1. Altuve didn’t participate in cheating. MLB investigated that rumor and dismissed it. The Astros cheated in 2017 and early 2018. No cheating in 2019. It was harder for all teams to cheat in 2019. There was personnel from MLB in every clubhouse then.

  7. Boo – Hoo

    MLB put the monitors in the clubhouse. Most teams stole signs.

    Self Righteous Piss

    Go Stros!

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