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Dodgers, Padres Among Teams Interested in Trading for Kenley Jansen: Report

All offseason, the Dodgers have added left and right to their roster. The front office has committed over $1 billion to multiple players in free agency and trades, but they are still looking to potentially upgrade around the edges.

Los Angeles has put together a very strong team that should be able to go up against anyone in the league. But they have been looking into adding more talent within the bullpen.

One spot where the front office has been looking to upgrade is the closer position. The Dodgers have been linked with multiple late-inning arms this winter, giving some legs to the thought of bringing in a 9th-inning reliever.

They were interested in Josh Hader before he joined the Houston Astros, linked with Emmanuel Clase from the Cleveland Guardians and there has been talk about a reunion with closer Kenley Jansen.

The team has been connected to Jansen multiple times this offseason, and even with a few weeks left until the start of the season, it’s happening again.

The New York Post’s Jon Heyman is reporting that the Dodgers are among the candidates to trade for Jansen. But if they want him, there will be some competition between the rival San Diego Padres.

“The Padres, seeking a lefty-hitting outfielder, are interested (in Jarren Duran from the Red Sox). And the Padres and Dodgers are among candidates for Jansen.”

Per Jon Heyman of The New York Post

The 36-year-old right-hander would likely welcome a trade back to the Dodgers. He would leave a Boston Red Sox team that isn’t likely to compete heavily next season for a World Series contender.

The veteran made the All-Star team last season, showing that he still had some fuel left in the tank. He posted solid numbers in save situations (0.65 ERA) and would likely be used as a traditional closer if he returned to the team.

A move for Jansen could be tricky, however. The Dodgers aren’t going to want to trade much value for him, while the Red Sox could try to squeeze out anything they can get.

He is owed $16 million for next season, but if the Red Sox would foot some of the bill, a trade may be easier to swallow. Some fans would be sour on a reunion with Jansen, but he was a fan favorite during his time in Los Angeles and could provide extra depth to the bullpen.

However, Los Angeles may feel the bullpen is solid enough and could always look to acquire help at the trade deadline. But it seems that the Dodgers are still looking at the veteran, and a return could be in the cards.

Photo Credit: Harry How/Getty Images

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Matt Levine

Matt earned a Master of Science degree in Sport Management from Louisiana State University in 2021. He was born and raised in the Los Angeles area, growing up a huge fan of the Dodgers and Lakers. Matt Kemp was his favorite Dodgers player growing up.


  1. He’s blown 16 saves in the last 3 seasons, that’s over 5 a season, and he’s not getting any younger. I think most fans would be highly skeptical that this would be a good idea. Phillips blew only 3 saves last year, and they have multiple other guys who could close.

  2. Hell no on Kenley. Why in the hell would AF give up prospects to help Boston unload Kenley and his $16M salary. Sounds like another Carl Crawford.

  3. Dodgers, you’re doing great moving forward, building a Championship team, don’t lose focus on acquiring someone like Kenley who’s not worth giving up any valuable prospects.

  4. STOP ANDREW FRIEDMAN NOW! Adding another name to LA’s roster; someone whose been a closer, albeit now an older, less effective one, can truly diminish and possibly damage Dodger bullpen morale. PLEASE! Kenley Jansen is O V E R! STOP with the retreads and bargain-basement washed up names! DO NOT SIGN A GUY WHO WAS NOT ‘LIGHTS OUT’ DURING THE 2017 WORLD SERIES!
    And for God’s sake, DO NOT GIVE UP any PROSPECTS for a pitcher who, in many MLB circles, is now considered a SUSPECT! LA front office geniuses had a chance to put the ‘cherry on top’ of this off season, yet the two Mutts (No Jeff), Friedman and Kasten, blew that chance by not signing a current, PROVEN, true LEFTY closer, Josh Hader!

  5. When it is said ” the team has been linked to him” that just meant one journalist said it and others keep repeating it and now they all believe it!

  6. That’s a big fat NO!!!!
    Dodgers don’t need Kenley Jansen…he was traded for a reason.

  7. NO! If the Dodgers trade for a closer, then look at Clase as the target. He’s young, and has show he is one of the best closers in the game. Friendly contract too! Target him.

  8. Manley Jansen is a bad choice ! He is in dependable and not worth spending resources on ! I hope the Padres pick him up better them than us ! I think Andrew Friedman is too smart to be interested in Jansen !

  9. Allow Kyle Hurt to earn that spot in spring training. He’ll have multiple opportunities to do that. If he can replicate what he did to the Padres last season, he will be the closer. There’s a reason they traded for Hurt. Let it play out, Friedman. #LetTheKidsPlay!

  10. I’m probably wrong (I’m used to it) but I don’t think there is any chance the Dodgers would trade for Kenley. He is not the Kenley of ten years ago. The Dodgers have an abundance of pitchers at least equal to Jansen. Having stated that, Kenley will probably be our closer !!!!!

  11. This is just clickbait.

    No to Kenley. Bad idea. 1. Stick with what they have in-house. 2. Devin Williams of the Brewers. 3. Clase of the Guardians.

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