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Dodgers More Likely to Acquire Mookie Betts than Francisco Lindor, Per Jon Morosi

Francisco Lindor and Mookie Betts have been the two stars that the Dodgers have most often been linked to this off-season. There have been various rumors with the Boston Red Sox reportedly taking a liking to catcher Will Smith and also hoping to attach the albatross contract of left-handed pitcher David Price. According to reports on the Lindor front, the Dodgers have also engaged in talks with the Cleveland Indians on ace right-hander Mike Clevinger.

These are all things we know up to now.

With a lack of recent reports regarding the talks between the Indians and Dodgers, it is safe to assume that the Indians would like to hold onto Francisco Lindor for the 2020 season and that the Dodgers refused to include top prospects in proposals. Now, though, the Dodgers seem to be in the midst of pivoting. According to Jon Paul Morosi, the Dodgers are now more likely to acquire outfielder Mookie Betts from the Red Sox than they are to acquire Francisco Lindor.

This report makes total sense and is likely accurate. However, Morosi took it a step further:

“As a result, sources say the Dodgers’ negotiations with the Red Sox about acquiring Mookie Betts have become at least as frequent — and perhaps even more involved — than their talks with the Indians about Lindor.”

Morosi also notes that the Dodgers could look to take on the contract of David Price in a deal for Mookie Betts in an effort to lessen the prospect capital going back to Boston.

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Betts remains one of the best positional players in the league and would be a huge addition to the lineup, especially as a right-handed bat. He is capable of winning the NL MVP and a core of him, Cody Bellinger, and Max Muncy would be a fearsome one.

Price is less interesting, but he is consistent. He is currently being paid like a number-one starter, but is more of a number-four at this stage of his career. The Dodgers would likely get some money back in a deal for both Betts and Price unless they were able to offload the contract of AJ Pollock.

This deal appears likelier than it did last week. While it may never come to fruition, it is fun to dream.

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Daniel Preciado

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  1. If the Dodgers could offload Pollock’s contract while acquiring Betts and Price I’d be all for it if it mostly cost them money and not prospects. I’m betting Pollock will be grammatically better than the 2019 version of himself, but will it be ENOUGH better? If the Red Sos want Verdugo or Smith I’m not sure they should. Both show tremendous promise and have not had enough playing time to truly show who/what they are.

  2. That Pollock deal is looking increasingly bad unless he turns it completely around in 2020. He was a train wreck in the playoffs although Seager and Bellinger weren’t much better. They need to get Clevinger rather than Price if at all possible.

  3. Dodgers chances of landing Betts, Lindor, or Arenado are a combined 0.000001% They’ll stick with broken down reclamation projects because Freidman thinks of himself as a freaking genius rather than the cheapskate that he and the ownership actually are. Nice to see teams with 1/100th of the revenue such as the Reds actually trying to improve their teams while smug Andrew is shooting for another NL West title. Smfh

    1. You’re damn right about that. Friedman acts like he’s in a contest to make the fewest major moves, and sign the most reclamation projects. We all know that we can stand pat and win the NL West, but that isn’t going to cut it. They knew they needed another quality starting pitcher to match up to the Nats in the playoffs, but instead watched one (Ryu) walk, and don’t seem very interested in replacing him. They will not trade Lux for Lindor or anyone else. If they were willing to, the deal would have already been made. I just hope we don’t wake up on May 5 and see that he’s been sent down, after hitting .186.

  4. The determining factor will be if Betts believes the Dodgers will pay him! Therefore Don is spot on! Just another bone thrown out there to keep the fan base hopeful as the days keep counting down to spring training. Once spring starts, and the ticket booths open, the fans get to start seeing the Farm players all doing hopefully well against other farm players, it will distract our focus on what a outstanding job Friedman did to save tons on his car insurance!!

  5. Robin, it sure would save face for Friedman if he could pull off both Betts and Price. The Dodgers would finally have a 300 hitting lead off hitter who is clutch, and also the #2 starter that could make things interesting in October. I’d give Boston Verdugo and Gonsolin, and take on both contracts . Every year though Friedman has the chips and never delivers, so maybe for once he’ ll pull off Ned Colletti super trade! I personally would rethink my financial boycott , and I know thousands upon thousands would as well. But let’s not hold our breath, Friedman has a way of making a dozen roses turn out to be a booger!

    1. While I only agree with some of what you say, I admit it’s well said and very funny. I don’t see the deal happening because Boston can’t. Betts is too popular for Boston fans to accept a deal reflecting what his present value of 1 year actually is and Price – with his enormous contract and injury history – is unmoveable by himself. According to, Price’s negative trade value is greater than Betts’s positive. A deal of equal value – Boston’s salary dump – would require them to send some cash and receive nothing in return. Not gonna happen. The Dodgers might be willing to overpay for 1 year of Betts but it would be something like Pederson and Rios. Boston won their title and now the check’s due; LA shouldn’t have to pay for it twice.

      1. I know anything is a hope with Friedman Bum. His past do nothing , rely on farm only, and wait for the kids pitch has far outstayed its welcome. He needs to save face! The villagers are restless! Just as we were with Donny D.D. and McCourt. After all of these cycles, regime changes and different approaches, the pure reality is that 33 years is 33 years. The ” let’s wait and see” Friedman honeymoon is over. Its time to spend that money, download the non performers and go for the throat! I believe this is Friedman S last chance. You think we’ re disgruntled now? We ran Donny and McCourt out, we can do the same with the genius progressive money ball con man also!

        1. Kirk, honestly Boston should not expect too much of a haul for the simple reason that Betts is a 1 year rental and I doubt Dodgers will re-sign him for the neighborhood amount of $$ that Harper and Machado got last year.

  6. Nothing is impossible I presume, but this is as close as it gets. These never ending “Dodgers are interested in “name player here” stories seem almost like plants by the FO to keep the natives from getting too restless. But the real fact remains that we need starting pitcher far more than a Betts or a Lindor.

  7. Ever time a player goes elsewhere for $10-million,
    the Dodger say that they offered them $10.1-million.

    Did I mention that I prefer the Jumbo dog over the Dodger Dog?
    Hmm. I thought I had.

    1. Oh wait, I meant to have the numbers the other way around, sorry.
      Every time a player goes elsewhere for $10.1 million, the Dodgers say that….
      Oh, never mind!!!
      It’s late and I’m tired.
      Just over three weeks until Dodger Fest and Dodger Dogs!!!!

    1. The Nat’s will sign Donalds son or Bryant. They are going all out to win the World series once again. The Braves will also sign one of them. The Dodgers will keep their farm guys and be happy that they saved tons on car insurance! Its going to get ugly if they just watch again.

      1. I am surprised to see or not hear that Dodgers are at least more in the running for Donaldson. No top prospects are involved as far ad getting him and he could also transition to a David Freese type role towards the end of his deal.

  8. Watch out for the Bosox! Remember Carl Crawford the over priced Phantom of the Dodgers…..I see the Overpaid and Under Achieved David Price as the 2nd coming of the Phantom of the Dodgers, while Mookie stays in Beantown. Andrew likes to reunite with his Tampa Bay past!!!

  9. Of course Lux should not be part of this deal with Boston or any deal with Indians. However, if I read it correctly, I believe SoCalbum himself indiated that Lux being in a deal for Arenado of the Rockies is one that he could agree with and that might be the ONLY way Lux is dealt. But in any event the Rockies may simply hold on to him but Arenado does have a full no trade clause except he would wave in able to be dealt to the Dodgers. Arenado has an opt out after the 2021 season so Rockies must realize they cannot keep him from eventually going to the Dodgers.

    1. At this point they need to just not trade away the future. They should’ve signed free agents but couldn’t get it done. Now they must lie in the bed they made and wait for next offseason

    2. Sounds about right Paul. I think what we should all just accept the fact that the Dodgers have no intentions this season to win the World series. After this seasons over and they play the triple A team all season and let their 2 rookies and Urias build, they can go all out next years off season after Aranado. And if anyone believes that this group will ever go all out for the world series they’ re dreaming. As I’ve stated for a while, this is it! If they somehow pull off a Ned Colleti power trade and make this team a legit threat, I’ll buy the MLB package and go to some games! They have a month or so to make something happen. If not, no more money from me. Pretty simple. I know a few of my Dodger friends feel the same way! The Laker tickets are 350 bucks for not too great of seats, but well worth seeing stars and org that gives their fans a serious effort to bring home yet another championship! I will pay to see it happen!!

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