Dodgers Passing on Carlos Correa Proves It’s Not Actually Winning Over Everything

I want to preface this article by saying this is an opinion piece. You may not agree with my opinion, and that’s okay — that’s what a comment section is for. Please feel free to join the dialogue on this topic, as I know it has a lot of Dodger fans worked up right now.

The Dodgers are making a huge mistake by not going after Carlos Correa.

Okay, let me take a step back for a second.

If you read Ken Rosenthal’s latest piece for The Athletic, or, quite frankly, if you’ve been on Twitter at all, you’ve seen the report that the Dodgers are not pursuing the superstar shortstop in free agency. Rosenthal gave two potential reasons for this:

  1. Correa was a member of the 2017 Houston Astros team that cheated the Dodgers out of a World Series. Rosenthal says the Dodgers aren’t pursuing him “out of concern that a sizable portion of their fan base would not welcome the move.”
  2. The Dodgers are holding off on Correa — and the other top free agents — as they don’t know if Trevor Bauer’s suspension will be upheld, and could be on the hook to pay him over $100 million.

If the latter of the two reasons is the true obstacle holding this team back, then I completely understand.

However, if it is in fact the first reason, and the Dodgers are steering clear of Correa because they don’t know how their fan base will react, well that would just be a huge mistake.

Yes, I understand what happened in 2017 hurts. I’m a Dodger fan, too. It hurt me, too. And I also understand the long-term impact that series has had, most notably on the postseason legacy of Clayton Kershaw. But I also understand this team has dominated the regular season over the last decade, and has one (1) World Series victory to show for it. Yes, they may have two if it weren’t for the Astros. But unfortunately, that happened, Rob Manfred allowed them to keep the title and the Dodgers are still stuck on one.

The Dodgers have had their chances. They’ve been the best team in baseball over the last decade. But this team has consistently underperformed when it has mattered most, and, coming off arguably the most disappointing exit in MLB history, this team needed to address those issues in the offseason.

“Q. You mentioned the players still out there, a guy named Carlos Correa, and we know there’s a lot of scars from the fan base from 2017. How do you think he — how would he affect the clubhouse? Do you think that’s something you would have to address?
DAVE ROBERTS: Carlos is a heck of a ball player. I don’t know that answer. What I do know is that we’re about winning baseball games. Our fan base is about winning baseball games. But I don’t know how this season — but he’s a heck of a ball player.”

Entering free agency, there were high hopes this team would make a splash. They were linked to the likes of Aaron Judge, Justin Verlander, Jacob deGrom and all four of the top shortstops. It seemed as if this team was ready to reload, get some fresh blood in the clubhouse and, yet again, enter next season as one of the favorites to win it all.

But now, Judge is off the board, Verlander is off the board, deGrom is off the board, Trea Turner is off the board and the top player left is none other than Mr. Correa.

Correa fits everything the Dodgers need. He’s an above-average hitter. He’s a solid defender. He plays shortstop, the position that, as of right now, is the biggest hole in the lineup. And finally — the thing that has drawn a lot of Dodger fans to him this offseason — he cares. He wants to win. He plays with passion. And it feels like he wouldn’t have let this team disappear in the final three games of a series against their “little brother” San Diego Padres, who might I add, have offered a combined $1.022 billion to Judge, Turner and Xander Bogaerts, finally getting Bogaerts to bite as they go even further all-in next season.

“I will say that you look at that dugout versus our dugout, there was more intensity there,” Dave Roberts said about the Padres’ dugout in the 2022 NLDS.

It’s becoming increasingly clear that the Dodgers aren’t going to make a splash this offseason. They’re going to let the young guys get a shot, and compete in a tough division, that’ll only get tougher when the Giants finally land one of the top players on the market (it has to be coming at some point, right?)

If the Dodgers were serious about being all-in on a championship this season, they wouldn’t let Correa’s ties to the Astros prevent him from coming to LA. He’s the best player left on the market, and a perfect fit on this team alongside Mookie Betts and Freddie Freeman for the next however many years his contract would be.

If Rosenthal’s reports are in fact true, and the Dodgers are staying away from Correa because of his past, they’re proving that it’s not actually winning over everything.

The Dodgers have to prove that they prioritize winning over feelings. You don’t become a good baseball team by worrying about what your fans might think. You become a good baseball team by signing the players that give you the best chance to win. And if the Dodgers were serious about winning, they would have an offer on the table for Correa.

And besides, all the Dodger fans who hate Correa will very quickly change their minds when he’s holding up a World Series trophy as a member of the Dodgers. Talk about a Hollywood ending.

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Noah Camras

Noah is an Editor for Dodgers Nation. He graduated from USC in 2022 with a B.A. in Journalism and minor in Sports Media Studies. He's been a Dodger fan his whole life, and his all-time favorite Dodgers are Matt Kemp and Russell Martin.


  1. Guggenheim, Friedman and Kasten or going cheap this year too restart the luxury tax. Now if mlb would get off there butts and give the Dodgers a definite answer on Bauer that he’s done, than maybe they would go after Correa. But until then no dice. And if and when they do get one it might be too late Correa will be in that terrible Orange and Black.

  2. Well, if it’s winning over everything then there is no room for morality. And winning was everything for Correa. He cheated and because of it he got what he wanted. And he sees no reason to apologize exactly because he got what he wanted. So for him winning was everything. When you cheat in a race you are disqualified. It is only because the baseball commissioner is a coward that the Houston astroholes weren’t disqualified. So Houston should have been deprived of its false victory and then there would have been room for morality.

    I wish you coworkers like Correa in all your endeavors, since for you they would be just the right kind of cheaters to work with.

  3. I think we are not actively pursuing Carlos because he will land a contract very similar to what Seager got last year. We don’t do those kinds of contracts for anyone but the absolute best franchise quality players who check virtually all the boxes. All the rest is a smokescreen.

    Last week we went hard at Verlander. Since the news broke on Bauer’s suspension we kinda bailed on Bogarts and essentially any other costly F/A. Makes astute followers wonder, but we weren’t going to match the Padres offer on Xander anyway. Swanson will probably bring down some serious cash for more years than we are interested in. It’s possible Andrew is doing the right thing for the wrong reason…Bauer. The league owes us a mulligan for the way they have handled TB!

  4. If the Dodgers actually cared about winning a championship, they would have fired Roberts at least 2 years ago.

  5. I agree Roberts needs b to go. And remember the dodgers lost game 7 at home where the Astros could not cheat they lost cause of catfish chocking and them not hitting. I they really cared about wining they would get more pitching and hitting. Get over 2017 go get who we need to win period. And get rid of Roberts he makes to many dumb moves in the post season.

  6. You and Scott Borass obviously love cheaters! Some people have much stronger morals than either one of you! I for one would rather loose then play with a known cheater and an unrepentant one to boot! He did not suffer any consequences for his actions and would be a cancer in the clubhouse! If I was a Dodger player and management brought that SOB in the clubhouse, I would feel very betrayed!

  7. I believe Noah is right on. Fans are important, no argument there. But if the players in the club house are for it, than I’m for it and so should the rest of us diehard Dodger fans be for Correa coming over and leaving the DARK side. He’s a good if not great ball player with an obvious commitment to the game.

  8. Actually, not even 1 world series. The Dodgers won a 60 game season, with expanded tournament style playoff, with no fans in stands. Deep down Dodgers, you know you can’t count that one. A decade of dominance in regular season, with zero World Series wins, to be honest. Asterisk Champs

    1. Played the games that were scheduled and beat the opposing teams. Every other team had the same opportunity and failed.

      1. 60 games regular season is farcical to me, but maybe not others. Where do you draw the line? 40 game season, would that still count? 15 game season? Would you feel like they were legit champs? I mean, they only played 60 games, it’s 2 months

  9. I’d love to see him sign a long-term deal with the Dodgers. He can really cut down those runners at the plate.

  10. Get him (assuming hes’ open to a competitive offer) if Dansby can be bought over for a reasonable price.

  11. Do some Dodger fans not forget what it felt like when the Astros were caught cheating and stole an emotion that only comes with winning a Championship. I remember what it felt like when the Dodgers won in 88”. Now people want to give this guy over a $100 million and let him walk the halls of Koufax, Gibson and Kershaw. No way the Dodgers would put that name on the back of their jersey.

  12. Hey smart guy first of all most fans don’t want Correa period. It doesn’t get anymore cut and dry as to why. Second of all we probably are not going to do much in free agency because we have two years being over luxury tax, and they are waiting to see what happens with Perverts appeal, and if he wins his appeal we will owe close to 100 million in penalties. Third of all we have bigger holes in our starting rotation than to pay a cheating A-hole 300 mil. Urias is obviously the ace, but Gonsolin tired last year at the end, May looked good at times, but then would return to his former self. Kershaw won’t last a whole season and needs lots of rest. Buhler is basically a
    Non-factor because of recovery from injury. That leaves a lot of questions despite having the ability to bring guys up like Pepoit, Grove, and Miller. Most of the reasons we have lost in the postseason the last few years has to do with depth and injuries to our SP’s, and with Tyler Anderson gone it’s a bigger hole than SS.

  13. ehh. tough one. I believe the guy to be an unrepenting jackass. having said that, would I cheer a walk-off playoff homer that I am confident that he is capable of producing? 100%. however, feelings aside, is this guy durable outside of contract years? see 2017-2019 where he topped out at 110 games…a long-term deal with a hefty price tag seems imprudent for a guy that appears injury prone outside of contract years.

  14. I don’t like it either, but do you think any other team in the MLB would be complaining about winning WS weather it was a Covid year or not. Do any of us have control over that? The Asterisk Champs are the 2017 As_trols, and always will be!!!

    1. Not a fan of Fullcrybaby!! Another couch coach!! Trevor Bauer was a head case before he was even was a Dodger, with his big mouth on social media. Second of all regardless of if he is a victim or not it’s his own big mouth that got him in trouble. Third of all there is plenty of evidence, and multiple victims to show that he is not a victim in this case!! He has not even apologized to the Dodger organization for what he has put them through for the complete wasted investment they made in him that has costed us millions of dollars and possible chance at winning a World Series. Let us all know when you come back to earth with your free pervert boy comments…Fullcrybaby!

  15. Correa is not taking a short term high aav contract I don’t think the Dodgers would beat the twins or giants even if they did. They aren’t spending and only have a chance for the last wildcard. Front office has been spinning stories and excuses on every FA they haven’t issued a competitive offer yet.

  16. Do we have control over how many games the Covid season was? Do we have control over Covid. Do we have control over the decisions the MLB make and or the perception of the Dodgers based on other fans. Somebody had to win that year. So of course since it’s the Dodgers people say well that’s the only way you can…lol. Any other team would have gladly taken that win no matter how many games there were. Again all of which we have no control over, and no I don’t like it either. It’s still a win thou!!

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