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Dodgers Pivoting to a 6-Man Starting Rotation

File this one under things that you absolutely expected to see this season. The Dodgers are trying to get Tony Gonsolin more involved in a packed out starting rotation. In doing so, they will inadvertently be pivoting to a 6-man rotation, at least for this week. 

Dodgers manager Dave Roberts talked this week about Gonsolin possibly earning a permanent spot on the roster. While he wouldn’t commit to saying he was here to stay, Roberts did say that he intended on fining innings for him. And find them he has, with Gonsolin getting ready to make his third start of the season on Tuesday.

Starting Gonsolin on Tuesday allows for the other Dodgers starters to get five days of rest in. It also allows all 6 guys to remain in the rotation without changing things up too much. The real issue will arise once Alex Wood returns from his injury. As of now, it’s not clear where people will move to, should someone need to move. 

As of now, Walker Buehler and Clayton Kershaw are the only guys essentially guaranteed to remain in the rotation barring any health concerns. Dustin May probably should be on that list as well, but Dave Roberts has yet to confirm that. May, Wood, Urias, Stripling, and Gonsolin could all potentially be used in the rotation or the bullpen in 2020.


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  1. Or get Stripling out of there he is showing once again why he should just be a spot starter and reliever. This whole rotation is concerning for October with Buehler now not as good we have no ace. Hopefully May or Gonsolin can emerge when we need it most

    1. Agreed. Stripling’s last two starts have been very weak. He gave up three home runs in one inning against the Mariners today. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a Dodger pitcher do that. May and Gonsolin are both far ahead of Stripling and Wood, and the short season works in their favor. They should be fully available through the postseason without any innings limitations.

      1. I’m always rooting for Strip. That said, anything to get these kids regular work May and Gonsolin must happen. When Woody comes off the DL, he should be competing for time with Strip, not the kids.

  2. Dodger106W agreed There is obviously a problem with Stripling either mechanically or health-wise.
    This is a short season they need to put Stripling on the Dodger IL list or find out why he is hanging pitches.
    I vote for a rotation of Kershaw, Buehler, Urias, May, Gonsolin and lets see what young player can fight for a #6 spot if there is one. Lots of candidates out there with Gonzalez, Santana, White and Gray to name the ones on the roster.
    Buehler will be fine and Urias has been impressive along with May and Gonsolin.

  3. Stripling has had his ups and downs, but he is hurting the team. The remaining five can git er done. On another topic, please trade Joc before the deadline. All he contributes at this point are K’s. Maybe the Angels still want him and Stripling.

  4. 5 or 6 man rotation doesnt matter much. What we need is a stud and 3 others for the post season. We’ve never had either which explains the 7 in a row ( or is it 8?). Thats not a coincidence or bad luck. That’s shallow rotation. Nothing has changed this year. We breeze through a season against minor leaders than fold against major leaguers.

  5. Put Stripling in the pen and go with Gonsolin in his spot. Much better numbers so far.
    Kershaw, Buehler, May, Urias, Gonsolin. Left, Right, Right, Left, Right. Pretty solid rotation. You can always bring Stripling back if one of these starters gets hurt.

  6. With his latest performance Stripling should be out of rotation and when Wood comes back into bullpen. The other starting pitchers are doing fine nice to see May and Gonsolin in the rotation. The overall pitching has been great. Yes disappointing to see Stripling giving the 2nd most home runs in the National league. Also whats with Max and Bells not even hitting 200. Bells is striking out so much and what i see has lost control of the strike zone. Those 2 guys the weak spots in the lineup even Barnes is currently out hitting both. Petersen looks terrible at the plate, good luck being a free agent next year

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