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Dodgers Players Make Their Way Through An Escape Room

It’s always interesting to hear what players do on their days off, especially in different cities. The Dodgers did have one of those this week in Minnesota. For a while, it was looking like they might have multiple since the rain was pouring down over Target Field for most of Tuesday afternoon. 

But a few of the Dodgers players went out to the Mall of America in Minnesota on Monday to have some fun. Justin Turner posted a video of him riding on the swings there. The Mall of America is ridiculously huge and features rides for visitors among many other things. 

But a group of Dodgers players also got together there to do an escape room. On an episode of Dodger Talk with David Vassegh, Tyler Anderson talked about the group of players going in and working their way out together. Overall, a pretty cool team-building exercise. 

“I ran into a bunch of the guys there and we did one of the escape rooms. So a good thing to know is that if you put 12 Dodgers in a room, we’re going to figure out a way to get out. So we got out of there and it was a good time. …we had an hour and ten minutes left to spare, pretty good ratio.”

What better way to spend a day off than by doing some team-building exercises? Anyone who has ever done an escape room knows it takes a lot of patience and teamwork to get it done in time. According to Vassegh, Mookie Betts was the Dodgers player to lead the way out.

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Up next for the Dodgers, they will head home to take on the Reds for a 4-games set. They get their home opener tonight and will also celebrate Jackie Robinson Day on Friday afternoon. A really big weekend coming up in Los Angeles, don’t miss it!

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