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Dodgers Players React To Loss In Game 5 Of The World Series Vs. Astros

How are you feeling right now? Are you still in denial? Maybe filled with hope for Game 6 in Los Angeles? Or maybe, like most people, to groggy from the lack of sleep this past week to function. However, you’re feeling, one thing is certain: the Dodgers are down 3-2 in the series must win on Tuesday to force a Game 7.

Sunday’s loss was a tough one to swallow. Both teams’ pitchers struggled, and both teams’ offenses were alive and well. The game was over five hours and not one minute was dull. Unfortunately, it just didn’t go the Dodgers’ way.

Some of the players caught up with the media after Sunday’s game to discuss the loss and the mindset moving forward. Here are some of the highlights!

Brandon Morrow on how he felt and why he decided to call down and tell the staff that he was ready to go:

There’s fatigue for everybody. I saw where the game was at in the 7th. I was getting loose and I was feeling okay. Probably selfish on my part to call down and push to let them know that I’m ready and want to get in.

I felt good throwing. I felt like the ball was coming out on the pen. Looking at it on tape, there wasn’t as much life as I’ve had on the ball. I think that was the biggest thing. Velocity is one thing, it was a tick down, but if you have life on it then you can still get away with some pitches. They’re not the worst pitches I’ve thrown, but they can always be better.

Yasiel Puig on what is going to happen Tuesday in Los Angeles:

Both teams played awesome [Sunday night]. A lot of runs, a lot of hits, a lot of home runs… This is not going to be finished Tuesday. There’s going to be a Game 7.

Clayton Kershaw on his outing and whether or not we will see him in Game 6:

Our offense was amazing [Sunday night]. Battled all the way through. Can’t say enough about our team, really. What they were able to accomplish with what I gave them.

I just lost my command a little bit there in that fourth inning and that’s all it took.

I’ll do whatever they want me to do. Yeah, I’ll do whatever they want me to do.

It was a tough one. But you know what, we still have a chance at this thing so we’re going to go home and get ready to go.

Kenley Jansen on how he is feeling about the Dodgers’ chances moving forward:

This ain’t over yet, you know, we’re going home. I don’t care who we’re going to face for them. We got to stay positive. We can’t just let a bad day affect us… We’ve been down before. Last year we were down against the Nats. We came back and won.

They got to beat us again. They got to beat all of us, all 25 of us to win it. I’m pretty confident in our guys that it ain’t going to be that easy. So we got to go out there and fight.

Cody Bellinger on the ridiculousness that was Game 5 and how he has been able to manage some hits:

Mentally exhausted right now. That was by far the craziest game I’ve ever been apart of, probably will ever be apart of.

Confidence is a huge thing in this game. When you’re not hitting and they’re making good pitches it’s hard. For me, I hit a couple mistakes and that’s just kind of how the thing roles.

Game 5 of the 2017 World Series will be one for remember. What do you think should have been done differently, if anything? Let us know in the comments below!

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Alex Perez

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  1. You can’t sit an second guess what they should of done it’s done so move on all I know is this is one that I will remember for a long time no matter who wins it will be awesome when we win Go Dodgers

  2. umps call the game down the middle and we have a chance to win it all fact call it like i see it.

  3. Hopefully a more qualified ump calling balls and strikes. Those inside pitches called on Puig, Hernandez, et al were killers and at least 3-4 inches off the plate whereas the strike zone was shrunk on both Kershaw and Jansen. Gives home field advantage new meaning. A good ump is invisible but some think they are the game. Also, our 3rd base coach sucks! Taylor is one of our faster players and that fly ball was deep enough and would have taken a perfect throw which it was not. We should have one in 9 innings. Great spectator game though.

  4. How about teaching Woodward how to hold his hands up to stop the runner and windmill his arm to send him! Taylor could have scored easily on that miscommunication as the throw was up the line. That cost us the game.

  5. John Franklin you hit it right on the button! The ump at home plate was worst I have seen and hard to believe a ump of this quality would be calling a WS! Plus leaving runners on 3rd with one out has killed us!

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