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Dodgers’ Dave Roberts On Pitchers Available For Game 6 Of The World Series

The Dodgers and the Astros will play Game 6 of the World Series on Tuesday at Dodger Stadium. The game is a must-win situation, with Houston leading the series 3-2. One area that has been a bit of an issue for the Dodgers this World Series has been the pitching, from both starters and relievers.

Collectively, Dodgers’ pitchers have put up an ERA of 5.21 and a WHIP of 1.31. They’ve also given up 13 home runs and 27 earned runs in 46.2 innings pitched. Now, this shouldn’t knock the talent of the Dodgers’ pitching staff. They are facing the Houston Astros, a team that averaged a league-leading 5.44 runs per game in the 2017 season. Their opponent is top-notch and it’s been a grueling match since Game 1.

Out of the 46.2 innings pitched for the Dodgers so far, 23.2 of them have come from the bullpen. With Rich Hill pitching Game 6 of the World Series, and with a bullpen that has been used liberally, the question is who will the Dodgers turn to should Hill be pulled early like he was in Game 2.

Dave Roberts told the media on Monday that everybody, outside of Yu Darvish and Clayton Kershaw, are available. He also said that he is sticking with Kenley Jansen as the closer, which is a crime that he even needs to address that.

Kenley Jansen (5.2 IP), Kenta Maeda (4.2 IP), and Brandon Morrow (4 IP) are the relievers that have been used the most this postseason. They were also not very effective on Sunday. Maeda gave up one run on two hits and Morrow gave up four runs on four hits in Game 5. Kenley Jansen has also given up a run in each of his last three appearances. Again, this is not a knock on their talent, but rather a combination of great opposition, high usage, and an ounce of being human.

With that said, and considering Dave Roberts said that everyone is available, it would make a lot of sense for the Dodgers to use Alex Wood out of the bullpen on Tuesday. He gave up one run in 5.2 innings in Game 4 and was pitching no-hit baseball into the 6th inning. Rich Hill was pulled after just four innings in Game 2. If that happens again, Alex Wood could be the answer to help lower Jansen’s, Maeda’s, and Morrow’s usage.

Dave Roberts specifically named Clayton Kershaw as a pitcher that is not available for Game 6. Kershaw pitched 4.2 innings on Sunday and gave up six runs on four hits. He also had three walks compared to his two strikeouts. Be ready for a flashback of the 2016 NLDS because, should the Dodgers win on Tuesday, I can’t imagine not seeing Kershaw come out of the bullpen in Game 7.

What do you think the Dodgers’ pitching game-plan should be for Game 6 and a potential Game 7? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. I hate saying this but I really don’t want to see Kershaw on the mound the remainder of the Post season. I know he has the ability to come through but after yesterday, I don’t think many fans have faith in his post season ability anymore especially after the disaster that happened yesterday. If our ace can’t hold four and three run leads? Heading into this post season our strength was gonna be getting to their bullpen and now it is benefitting the Astros. I don’t know…..I’m still numb and lost after yesterday. I think the Astros have just a little more offensive talent to compensate for their weaker bullpen to beat us.

  2. I’d like to see Hill go 5 or 6 and then have Wood come in to finish off or get the ball to Kenley to close it out in the 9th. Game 7 is Yu’s chance to redeem himself(but with a short leash). He goes 5 followed by Maeda, Morrow, Kersh and Kenley.

    1. No fast ball pitching guys. Everytime they pitched a fast ball Game 5 they got a hit or A homerun!

    2. Start Hill and don’t panicked if he gives up a run, but have Wood ready. Jansen only for a 3 out save, hell do it. He was Just overused, Morrow too. Have faith in Strippling, why else did you have him on roster? If they have the lead in 7th, look for them to bring in McCullers if they think they can end it. So getting Verlander tires is imperative

  3. The momentum is shifted far over. If Gile didn’t mass up in game 5, it would b over now in Houston last Sunday. No game 7, so keep all pitchers in house. Feel sorry for pitchers in post season. Wearing them out.

  4. Start hill game 6, relieve him with yu darvish,cangrinni,and maeda,jansen,at the end… 7 start wood,relieve him with Kershaw m aeda, then finish jansen

  5. Due or die. Start Darvish, if Darvish ain’t a different Darvish, start warming up Alex. Then use Clayton as relief after Alex. This is the case if they trail. If running smooth with Darvish use Clayton as relief. Dodgers will win!…

  6. Why not use Darvish? If you fall off a horse and want to get over it, the best thing to do is get right back on. He is the most rested of all! At least try him for an inning.

  7. Yu Darvish seldoms ever tosses a bad pitch twice in two games. I would go with him for Game 7 and keep Wood handy in relief. I would not use Kershaw regardless of his “best pitcher” status in the MLB. The reason I would not use Kershaw is that if he blows this game, it just may have a major effect on him. He has blown playoff games, and he knows that his bullpen is suffering probably due to burnout after a long season and constant usage. But with Darvish I would have him warming up prior to this game and using all of his arsenal to ensure that he does have them. If not, I might start him and then be ready to take him out just in case this Series is having negative effects on him.

    1. @Robert Clark: Good idea for Game 7, but first we have to get to Game 7. I’m out here on the East Coast, so as usual, I’ll find out the final score tomorrow morning. The only thing I want Clayton Kershaw to do for the next 2 days is sit and watch. He’s tired, and he doesn’t do well in these situations. Just keep him quiet and hope for the best!

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